Acupuncturists Say You Should Focus On These 5 Pressure Points When You Can't Sleep

If you've ever struggled with insomnia, then you know how elusive sleep can seem when you're staring at the ceiling at 3 a.m., unable to settle into a restful slumber. Perhaps you've tried everything you can think of, from breathing techniques to white noise machines, and still, you're just totally and utterly wide awake. Well, you might want to try some of these pressure points for insomnia when you can't sleep, as recommended by real acupuncturists. Trust me y'all, you'd be surprised to find how something as simple as applying pressure to the right points on your body can calm you down and totally rewire your energy — and yes, send you to dreamland for the night.

According to acupuncturist Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, the practice of acupuncture is actually a part of the system of Chinese medicine, a type of care that takes a person's entire being into account, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, as part of the treatment approach. "We do not separate the physical and mental aspects," Dr. Trattner tells Elite Daily, "as they are both intimately tied together."

When it comes to treating insomnia through acupuncture, Dr. Trattner says, she tries to look for the root cause, like stress or anxiety, for example. But there are also pressure points on the body that specifically address sleep. Still, she says, it's always important to look at the entire picture, and to get the person's overall energy realigned so their body can function and rest the way it should. If you're struggling with sleepless nights, here are the pressure points on your body to focus on to help you get the rest you deserve.

The Spleen 6
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Ready to start feeling oh-so-peaceful just in time for bed? Then go ahead and locate the "Spleen 6" pressure point which, according to Dr. Trattner, is located in the inner ankle, about three finger-lengths up from your ankle bone.

Dr. Trattner also notes that insomnia can often be caused by both stress and the energy of the body not circulating correctly. The Spleen 6 pressure point, however, can help get things flowing and back on track.

The Spirit Gate
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LouLou Piscatore, an acupuncturist and massage therapist, tells Elite Daily this rather epic-sounding pressure point can calm your spirit, or "shen," as well as ground your energy.

The "Spirit Gate," also called "shenmen," is located in the inner wrist crease, in line with your pinky finger. Piscatore suggests applying a tiny drop of lavender or chamomile essential oil on each of these areas shortly before bedtime for a more restful slumber.

The Bladder 62
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Who would think pressing a little spot on your foot could be enough to help you fall asleep? Well, another pressure point on the body that could help treat your insomnia and induce a sense of peace and calm, says Dr. Trattner, is called the "Bladder 62." This is a pressure point on the outside of the ankle bone, located toward your Achilles tendon.

Hold the pressure there for a moment and breathe. Pretty soon, Dr. Trattner says, you'll feel a wonderful sense of calm that'll make it downright impossible to keep your eyes open.

The Yin Tang
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The cool thing about this particular pressure point, called the "Yin Tang," is that you can easily target it without really moving much at all, meaning you can keep your head right there on your cozy pillow, my friends.

According to Piscatore, this pressure point is located directly between your eyebrows, just below what you might consider your "third eye chakra." You'll feel a natural little dip there, so once you notice a bit of a downward slope while feeling around between your eyebrows, that's the spot! Apply some essential oils here, or simply place your finger there with just a touch of pressure. "It calms the mind, alleviates insomnia, and creates a sense of well-being," Piscatore tells Elite Daily.

The Conception Vessel 17
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"Conception Vessel 17" is located in the middle of your breastbone, right in the center of your chest, Piscatore explains, and applying some gentle pressure here can do wonders for calming down a racing, restless mind before bed. This pressure point is also called the "Sea of Tranquility," Piscatore says, as it alleviates anxiety, and it creates a feeling of comfort. Make sure you don't press too hard, the massage therapist advises — soft and gentle is the name of the game.

Dr. Trattner adds that it is believed that your spirit (or shen) is housed in your heart, so if there's too much heat or energy in your body, your spirit won't be able to settle, and that's what can lead to insomnia. The Sea of Tranquility pressure point, however, calms that energy in just the right way.