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Acupuncturists Reveal The 5 Pressure Points That Can Stop Period Cramps ASAP
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Period cramps can be a pure nightmare. If yours are especially bad, then you know just how challenging it can be to find a quick, effective remedy for the pain, especially given that some doctors have recently said some women's period cramps can be as painful as a small heart attack. So if your ibuprofen and heating pads have failed you thus far, and you need something new to try, consider using some of these pressure points to stop period cramps, as recommended by acupuncturists. Seriously, you might be surprised at how quickly they help with your pain.

According to Jamie Bacharach, a licensed acupuncturist and health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, acupressure points, as well as actually going in to get some acupuncture done, are definitely effective ways to get your period pain under control. She tells Elite Daily that acupuncture can help realign the energy pathways in your body, and as a result, this promotes the reduction of pain through the central nervous system.

In addition to locating the best acupressure points to focus on during your time of the month, Bacharach also provides a few tips to naturally bring your body some relief from your period cramps. For instance, she says gentle exercises like yoga can encourage blood flow throughout your body. She also tells Elite Daily that it's important to pay attention to what you're eating and drinking during your period, as these can be major, contributing factors to your pain, if you're not careful. "Ginger, green onion, and fennel are three commonly found foods that can help relieve cramps when boiled into a broth or tea," the wellness expert explains. "And reducing caffeine and alcoholic intake is also advisable in order to conquer cramps."

But hey, if you find that those little tweaks in your diet and lifestyle aren't really doing the trick, here are the best pressure points to focus on for relieving your cramps.

The Liver 3
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LouLou Piscatore, an acupuncturist and massage therapist, says this spot, called "Liver 3," is perfect for alleviating period cramps and regulating menstruation. It's located right between your big and second toe, about an inch down.

"Liver 3 in particular is great for anything that's 'stuck' (energy, blood, emotion, or muscle), during your cycle, or any other time," she tells Elite Daily.

The Large Intestine 4
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According to Piscatore, the "Large Intestine 4" is a pressure point that opens up the front of the body and decreases overall pain and inflammation. This one is located in your hand, on the highest spot of the muscle between your thumb and forefinger.

Piscatore also says this is a great pressure point for tension headaches, and who hasn't had one of those bad boys right alongside some lovely period cramps?

The Sea of Energy
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Great name, right? A spot called the "Sea of Energy," or "Point CV6," is said to be one of the most effective pressure points for relieving the pain associated with period cramps, Jamie Bacharach tells Elite Daily. "As a rule of thumb," she says, "the point is located roughly two finger-widths below the navel." Try to apply pressure here with your forefinger for as long as you need to, and you should start to notice some relief from your pain.

However, Bacharach says, "too much pressure can exacerbate the discomfort, so it is best to start softly and increase pressure accordingly." She adds that it's also helpful to apply heat to this area with either a warm compress or hot water bottle.

The Gate Origin
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Bacharach explains that the "Gate Origin," or "Point BL26," is located about four finger-widths directly below your belly button, and is another one of the most helpful points for period cramp relief, as it's located in line with your bladder.

"Applying pressure with the forefinger and heat to this point can also bring about immense relief," the acupuncturist explains. Yes, please.

The Rushing Door And The Mansion Cottage
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Again, I just love these names so much. But seriously, Bacharach tells Elite Daily that the "Mansion Cottage" and "Rushing Door" are both located in the pelvic area of your body, and because of their close proximity to one other, she recommends applying pressure to both spots simultaneously to bring about the most relief for your PMS pain. "Mansion Cottage is located at the center of the 'crease' where your leg meets your lower abdomen," she explains, "and Rushing Door is just about one finger-width beneath that."

Bacharach suggests using two fingers on each side to apply gentle pressure, and before you know it, your pain will simply melt away.

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