These 'Parks & Rec' Zoom backgrounds include four different options.

Take A Virtual Trip To Pawnee With These 'Parks & Rec' Zoom Backgrounds


Five years after saying goodbye to Pawnee, Parks and Recreation fans can now channel their inner Leslie Knope or Rob Swanson during their virtual meetings. On April 1, NBC gifted the fandom a special April Fool's present: four downloadable backdrops evoking some of the most iconic scenes from the long-running series. Get ready to swap out your office for a rendering of bacon and eggs or one of these other realistic Parks and Rec Zoom backgrounds.

Whether you're having a virtual office happy hour or conducting a meeting online, Zoom's customizable backgrounds make the videoconferencing platform a fun option to try compared to its competitors. If you're uncomfortable inviting your coworkers or fellow students into your home or you just want to spice up the call and break the ice with a virtual background, you can choose from countless options inspired by TV shows like Friends and Grey's Anatomy.

If you're ready to swap out your backdrop for a scene that makes you want to say "Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot," you'll first want to head to the Parks and Recreation Twitter account. Unfortunately, the wildflower background is not available, but there are four other options, including Leslie Knope's and Rob Swanson's offices (bacon and eggs included).

After you pick which one you want and download it to your device, you'll want to open up the Zoom web portal to make it your background. If you haven't changed up your background on the platform before, you'll first need to make sure your PC or Mac is compatible with Zoom version 4.6.0 and update it if it doesn't work. Next, you'll want to open up Zoom and select Meeting Settings. Once you tap the Meeting tab, you should see the Virtual Background button giving you the option to upload a video or image of your choosing. You can then upload the Parks and Recreation image you decided on, then voila, you'll be channeling Duke Silver during your next conference call.

While there isn't a wildflower mural currently available, you can also DIY by taking a screenshot of the scene and then uploading it to the Zoom portal. Whichever option you end up choosing, here's to making Pawnee (and all the Parks and Rec references) a part of your next video call.