The cast of 'Friends' sit around a table playing poker in Monica's apartment.
These 'Friends' Zoom Backgrounds Let You Channel The Central Perk Squad

When you're having virtual meetings and happy hours on Zoom, your coworkers may be getting their first glimpse into your home. The virtual background feature on Zoom allows you to place yourself in other locations, and Modsy's Friends Zoom backgrounds could give your apartment a totally new look. If you've always dreamed of stepping foot into Monica's iconic apartment with the purple door, you basically can.

Instead of having to tidy up before your weekly team meeting, you can use a virtual background from Modsy to put your work from home setup in a dream location. Modsy is an interior design site that allows you to rearrange furniture and customize what rooms in your home would look like virtually before buying new furniture and decor. That means if you want to imagine what your new couch would look like in your space, you can easily pivot without Ross yelling at you.

Modsy even provides some reimagined spaces based on some of your favorite TV shows and movies for inspiration. They've done Disney princess homes before, but their Friends-inspired homes are perfect for any fans who have dreamed of being part of the Central Perk squad.

With these three Modsy designs, you can imagine what Chandler and Monica, Rachel, and Joey's apartments might look like if they were designed today. All you need to do to get your virtual home looking the same way is by downloading any of the images you'd like to use. Once they've been saved to your computer, upload them on Zoom to use as your virtual backgrounds.

Modsy has other designs from other favorite pop culture TV shows like Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City that you can use as well. Have your friends pick their favorite background to use for your next virtual watch party, and enjoy your favorite episodes together.

Chandler And Monica's Apartment

As a chef, Monica would likely have a gorgeous kitchen like this one in the Modsy design. Since she's also an incredibly neat person, you might expect her dishes to be properly displayed on the shelves like they are in this home design, too.

Though, as much of Monica you can see in the apartment, you also see Chandler's influence. There's a comfy couch he'd probably be chilling on while watching TV. There's also his Laurel and Hardy artwork next to the window that you may remember from his apartment with Joey.

Rachel's Apartment

If you're looking to channel Rachel Green with your Zoom background, you might want to go with this trendy apartment design. It features a pink couch and gorgeous hanging plants. There's even a lounge area next to the big window that you'd fully take advantage of if this was really your apartment.

Joey's Apartment

For anyone who's a major Joey fan and prioritizes fun over anything, you might want to virtually have this Joey apartment background. There are so many fun things to look at in this design. Of course, there's the foosball table in the kitchen with a lonely box of Cap'n Crunch on the counter. There's even a dart board on the wall, and Joey's stuffed penguin chilling out in the back.