These 'New Girl' Thanksgiving Zoom backgrounds will liven up your calls.

Relive The Best 'New Girl' Thanksgiving Moments With These Hilarious Zoom Backgrounds

With Thanksgiving on the way, you may be planning your menu and virtual celebrations. Why not channel your inner Jessica Day and pay homage to New Girl's seasons-long tradition of holiday antics? If you're ready to celebrate the good, the bad, and the awkward, these New Girl Thanksgiving backgrounds will hav you LOL'ing during your virtual gatherings.

Jess Day knows how to party like the best of them, but it seems like Thanksgiving gatherings never really go as planned on the show. From the exploding turkey in the dryer to diseased fish and more, New Girl has captured the zany aspects of holiday gatherings, like high-stress and cooking failures. While most of these antics would probably never happen IRL, these New Girls backgrounds capture some hilarious moments.

In light of the pandemic, it's best to celebrate Thanksgiving virtually if you'd like to celebrate with anyone outside of your household. As of Nov. 19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Thanksgiving guidance lists virtual celebrations as the lowest risk, while any in-person gatherings are at moderate to high-risk levels.

To download these backgrounds, you'll need to right-click to save them to your computer or phone. To upload them to Zoom, go to Settings > Backgrounds & Filters and click the plus sign (+) in the virtual background tab.

Here are some of the iconic New Girl Thanksgiving moments to liven up your calls.

1. The First-Ever Turkey Moment

That moment when Jess Day brought in a wrapped turkey with plans to cook a nice dinner... yeah, that was before it all went south.


2. The Dryer Turkey

Season 1 Episode 6 of New Girl also brought the iconic moment when the turkey exploded in the dryer.


3. When Jess' Parents Crashed The Dinner

Season 2 Episode 8 features Day's parents, Bob (Rob Reiner) and Joan (Jaime Lee Curtis), who surprise her by showing up in time for Thanksgiving. Then she tries to set them up in a Parent Trap scheme to get them back together.


4. Mr. & Mrs. Day

Day's parents, of course, got involved in the cooking — along with a little banter.


5. The Diseased Fish

Camping probably isn't your ideal Thanksgiving trip, and it wasn't for Jess either. Instead of a turkey, she ate a diseased fish in Season 3 Episode 10.


6. Thanksgiving Arguments

Season 4 Episode 9 took a wild spin on Thanksgiving when Schmidt initiates a "Bangs-giving"-themed party. Then, when things aren't working out, Schmidt gathers the group for a talking-to.


7. Schmidt With A Pilgrim Hat

Anytime anyone busts out the pilgrim gear on Thanksgiving, it gets awkward fast.


8. The Turkey Outfit

It's not every day you get to dress up like a giant turkey and watch a pilgrim play as Jess did in Season 1.


9. Prepping The Turkey

In "That Last Thanksgiving" in Season 6, Jess and the gang want to have the best celebration yet, but then everything starts going wrong.


10. When Someone Unexpectedly Arrives

Thanksgiving was again thrown for a loop when Schmidt's father joins the gang after being heartbroken over a breakup.


As you're kicking off your virtual Thanksgiving celebrations, these New Girl backgrounds should give you all the inspo for a fun holiday call.

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