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These Laundry Stripping TikToks Will Truly Make Your Jaw Drop

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TikTok is not only the place to scope out the coolest dance trends and DIY projects, but it's also a great source for helpful life hacks. For instance, if you're thinking about doing a load of laundry, you might want to check out these laundry stripping videos on TikTok first. By now, you likely have your laundry routine nailed down. You might be particular about separating your whites and air-drying your delicates, but before any of that, now's the time to add some laundry stripping into the mix.

If you've never heard of laundry stripping before, it's a method of washing your clothes where you can soak your shirts, sheets, or towels in a detergent mixture in your tub to allow any leftover dirt and oils to strip away from the fabrics. After a few hours of sitting in the water, you'll be left with a dirty mixture that will likely surprise you. Even the clothes you just washed will come out with some leftover residue on them.

If you want to see a few of these before and after shots, simply scroll through #LaundryStripping on TikTok. You'll find video after video of TikTokers doing their own laundry stripping to gym clothes and bathroom rugs to see what kind of grime comes out. It truly is jaw-dropping and will make you want to try it out at home for yourself. If you're thinking of laundry stripping, check out these six laundry stripping TikTok videos to know just what to do.

Create The Right Laundry Stripping Mixture

To begin, fill your tub with warm water and add in your laundry stripping mixture. According to this TikTok video, it should be 1/2 cup of powdered laundry detergent, 1/4 cup of borax, and 1/4 cup of laundry soda. Once that's mixed up, add your clothes and let them soak.

Let Your Laundry Soak For About Four Hours

You'll start to see the water turning brown right away, but that's only just the beginning. The key is to let your laundry soak for about four hours, and some even let it soak for up to eight.

Once The Laundry Soaked, Wash As Usual

You might need to strip your laundry a few times until the water starts looking clear after soaking. This TikTok user had to strip her bathroom rugs at least three times. Once you feel it's been stripped enough, you can wash as usual in the washing machine before drying.

This Trick Works Great For Cleaning Thrifted Clothes

Even if you wash the clothes you get at the thrift store before wearing them, they might not be as clean as they should be. Try laundry stripping your thrifted finds to ensure you get all the leftover oils and grime out that a regular wash still leaves behind.

... And Old Hats

While this works great for sheets and rugs, you can also try laundry stripping other items like hats and old pillows. You'd be amazed to see how much dirt and oil builds up on a baseball cap over the years. This trick could even give new life to items you were thinking of getting rid of.

Try It On Your Fave Workout Clothes, Too

Thanks to laundry stripping, that fave sports bra and pair of leggings you work out in on the reg will actually be "clean." This TikTok user tried laundry stripping her expensive workout gear, and it finally removed the odor and grime.

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