A woman in winter clothes poses with Christmas decorations in a holiday-named town.
These Places In The U.S. Have Holiday-Themed Names For A Very Merry Getaway

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There might only be a few weeks left of the holiday season — when malls are jam-packed with frantic shoppers, and adorable houses are sporting extravagant light displays. But that's not stopping you from tossing a few sweaters in your suitcase and booking merry trips around the world. On the contrary, you're scoping out holiday-named destinations and finding the cozy cabins on Vrbo and quaint ice skating rinks.

You may be sitting on your couch with your laptop and credit card, on a mission to surround yourself with as many Christmas-related things as possible. You might be scrolling through travel guides that mention the neighborhoods with the best Grinch-themed pop-ups or hiking trails that'll let you explore a wintery wonderland.

TBH, it all sounds magical, from the coffee shops with hot chocolate on the menu to the bustling markets with dainty ornaments popping up in the towns' squares. Where exactly should you go? Can you go wrong? If you're visiting one of these seven places that's named after a reindeer or a sprig of mistletoe, probably not. They're bound to make you feel merry and bright and totally surround you in Christmas vibes from the second you walk in the door of your cozy rental.

North Pole, Alaska

The first of these destinations is North Pole, Alaska. Traveling to this snowy place may require packing an extra winter jacket or stashing some knit socks in your carry-on bag. It'll be so worth it, though, when you step into this wooden cabin surrounded by glistening trees and begin your adventure. According to the listing on Vrbo, it has a gourmet kitchen and it's about 20 minutes away from year-round Christmas cheer, including a store called Santa Claus House and street lights that look like candy canes.

Christmas Valley, California

The West Coast is loaded with destinations that are bucket list-worthy. But around the holidays, you may want to skip out on the deserts and well-known cities and head straight for Christmas Valley, California. In particular, you might want to rent this cabin in South Lake Tahoe that has stunning #views of the mountains. It sleeps up to 10 guests, so bring along your best friends and get ready to take a skiing or snowboarding lesson at Heavenly Mountain Resort, which isn't far from the house, according to the Vrbo listing.

Mistletoe State Park, Georgia

You may already be in love with Christmas and everything this season has to offer. But a few nights near Mistletoe State Park in Georgia at this luxurious mansion will make your heart eyes bigger and brighter than ever. You'll happily fall asleep in the master suite after watching holiday movies on a flat screen TV, and wake up to sunshine and the natural beauty of the grounds. The listing on Vrbo notes there's a large covered porch and pool as well, for when you want to take a dip or brew a coffee, chill, and sip.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Where do you think Santa Claus stops first on Christmas? Do you think tells his reindeer to head to the snowy rooftops in Santa Claus, Indiana? Probably, which is why you should pack your bags and head there as well. There's a beautiful home you can rent for the occasion on Vrbo, that looks cozy and bright. It sleeps up to 21 people, so be sure to bring a few festive pals.

Christmas Cove, Maine

In the peak of winter, you might not typically consider going to a beach town. Christmas Cove, Maine, though, is worth renting a car and home for a December week by the water. This coastal cottage will be perfect for that dreamy trip because of its huge deck and welcoming fireplace. Be sure to take an afternoon to check out the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park while you're there. It's only a 7-minute drive away, according to the listing on Vrbo.

Rudolph, Wisconsin

Last but not least, the red-nosed reindeer who leads Santa's sleigh on Christmas would be very happy to know you visited in and around Rudolph, Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Rapids this winter. Whether you're the outdoorsy type or prefer relaxing on your vacations, it's made for a sweet and festive time. This adorable home on Vrbo, in particular, will treat you to tiny Christmas trees in your room — based on the charming Vrbo pics — and you can spend your evenings at the great restaurants that are nearby. It's a recipe for a holiday well-spent.

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