These ‘Harry Potter’ Ugly Holiday Sweaters From Merchoid  will make your entire Christmas season.

These ‘Harry Potter’ Ugly Holiday Sweaters Let You Rep Your Hogwarts House

Get ready for a very Harry Potter Christmas, because HP ugly sweaters exist and they are so enchanting. The Harry Potter Ugly Holiday Sweaters from Merchoid are available now, until they sell out. So if you're looking for that perfect ugly sweater for an upcoming holiday party, you might have just found the best one ever.

You can rep your fave Hogwarts house thanks to these genius holiday sweaters. Merchoid's website says that they are pros at searching "all the known galaxies looking for the coolest, quirkiest, most fashionable merchandise from all the video games, TV shows, comics and movies you love." So, just when you thought you couldn't get enough of those Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars from Target or the Harry Potter Advent Calendar from Williams Sonoma, think again. Now you can wear your favorite house on your sweater to a holiday party and be so proud.

Merchoid's Geek's Guide to Christmas Sweaters for 2019 brings us a slew of Harry Potter sweater and gift options, as well as Disney-inspired sweaters like The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and even some greats from Marvel movies — like Avengers — and Star Wars. The sweaters are available for a limited-time for the holiday season, and per the website, you may need to get yours before they sell out. These are available in several sizes for both men and women, but the Harry Potter house sweaters are preorder, so they won't ship out until Nov. 30. Other sweaters on the site will ship sooner, but these are coming from the UK, which means it may take a little while to receive it in the mail for United States customers.

Let's look at some of the geekiest, er ugliest, options Merchoid is selling.

The Gryffindor Knitted Christmas Sweater

Who doesn't want to sport the house of Harry, Ron, and Hermione? Unfortunately, the Merchoid site notes that supplies for the Gryffindor sweater are moving fast, and there are only a few left at the time of publication.

The Ravenclaw Knitted Christmas Sweater

Merchoid describes Ravenclaws as "wise as they come" and everyone knows that this house is terribly underrated.

The Hufflepuff Christmas Sweater

Hufflepuffs are also a bit underrated. This HP house is known for its kind, dependable students. This sweater looks just as kind and dependable, TBH.

The Slytherin Sleigh Bells Christmas Sweater

Slytherins, unite. You, too, can dress like Draco Malfoy and channel your inner Slytherin with the Slytherin House crest front and center this holiday season.

The Harry Potter 'H' Sweater

Remember when Harry was treated as one of the Weasley family in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone? You can wear the same sweater that Ron's mum knitted and rep your favorite wizard.

If you're really a huge Potterhead, the site is also selling a couple Harry Potter Advent Calendars, both Christmas-themed of course. You can grab the "I'd Rather Stay At Hogwarts This Christmas Advent Calendar" or the "Christmas In The Wizarding World Advent Calendar" for about the same cost as the sweaters.

Prefer to get ready for the holidays with a Disney ugly Christmas sweater? Merchoid has those, too. The Disney-inspired sweaters are not preorder, so you can receive them earlier than Nov. 30.

The Little Mermaid Christmas Sweater

Want Ariel to be "a part of your world" this holiday season? There's a sweater for that, and it even has Sebastien and Flounder on it.

The Beauty And The Beast Christmas Sweater

This adorable Beauty and the Beast Christmas Sweater looks like a winter wonderland, complete with the enchanted rose on the sleeves.

The Lion King Christmas Sweater

"Hankuna Matata" will be much easier this season if you're sporting this Lion King Christmas Sweater.

Merchoid's ugly sweaters seem to be selling fast, so if you're looking for a sweater no one else will have at those holiday gatherings, you're going to want to snap one of these up ASAP.