'Harry Potter' & 'GOT' Sock Advent Calendars Exist For Magical AF Christmas Countdowns

The official end of patio season might still be days away, but Target is already making the leap to the holidays with its new lineup of Advent calendars that are serving up major sweater weather vibes. Fall might as well just be canceled, because Target’s 2019 sock advent calendars will have you looking forward to Christmas with options inspired by Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney, and more. It's officially sock season over at Target, so excuse me while I load up on all of these cozy options.

While fall is set to officially commence on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019 is already looking like it's going to follow in 2018's footsteps by jumping the gun on all things holiday. Not only did the Pumpkin Spice Latte, aka the official herald of autumn, make its earliest debut yet on Aug. 26, but Halloween and Christmas-inspired bites and sips have already been making an appearance. As much as I'm in denial that summer is coming to a close, I'll admit that I've been leaning into it a little. After all, there's something kind of fun about getting the best of both worlds and browsing through all the spooky Halloween succulents and decorations over at Target before heading out to take advantage of the 80 degree temperatures, but the superstore's latest festive collection is taking the holiday preview to the next level by fast-forwarding to December. We might as well just forget about fall, because Target just unveiled not one, not 10, but 20 different sock advent calendars, and TBH, they're just cute enough that I'm not mad about it.

I took a look at Target's sock advent calendar arsenal this year, and saw that the store is rolling out a variety of foot-warming countdowns that include references to Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Disney. In addition to a pretty random Lilo & Stitch option, there's one for Disney princess lovers as well as a Minnie Mouse choice, so there's no shortage of ways to show off your Disney fandom on your feet. Now, this isn't the first time that Target has slayed the advent calendar sock sock game. Last November, the company rolled out a Harry Potter set that was so magical that I'm sure Dobby would have been squealing with happiness if he'd gotten it in his stocking. This year, Target is definitely upping the ante with two different options for Potterheads to choose from (four if you're counting the choices for both men and women). There’s a more traditional Hogwarts crest option, but my favorite has to be the owl edition, which features plenty of allusions to Hedwig, Gringotts, Platform 9 and 3/4, the Sorting Hat, and Gryffindor. Seriously, though, how cute are these?

I'm guessing that all 20 of these options will be on sale until the end of the year, but I'd personally recommend buying them now and stowing them away to avoid your favorites from selling out closer to the holidays. There's plenty to pick and choose from and they're all just $15, so BRB while I load up my cart and pretend like the holidays are already here.