A young woman poses with a makeup palette while filming the emoji makeup challenge for TikTok.
TikTokers Are Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Emojis & They're Artsy AF

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An easy and fun way to show off how creative you are is to participate in a TikTok challenge, like the emoji makeup challenge. In this particular trend, TikTokers are completely transforming their faces with makeup to resemble emojis and emoji-inspired characters that are sure to make your jaw drop. The final results are definitely works of art, and these emoji makeup challenge TikToks will make you want to try doing the challenge yourself.

Before you get started, gear up for the emoji makeup challenge by listening to the sound most of the TikToks are paired with: Katy Perry's hit, "Dark Horse." During the dramatic beginning of each video, TikTokers tease viewers with a sneak peek of the emojis they're going to recreate with makeup. Some of these emojis include the banana, UFO, mountain, and frog. When the beat to the music drops, TikTokers reveal their stunning makeup artwork one at a time, leaving followers totally in awe.

If you want to participate, simply pick out your favorite emojis. Then, like the users in these emoji makeup challenge TikToks, grab your palette and get to work creating your first masterpiece. You can show behind-the-scenes clips in your video, or simply reveal your #lit makeup looks. The final results are sure to be so snap-worthy.

This Video Includes One Of Your Favorite Memes

Let's start with TikToker @chayeimodel who crushes a series of emojis in this makeup challenge video. They begin with a purple devil, then a ghost, and end with the Kermit the Frog meme. It's a must-see — especially if you want to try out the challenge for yourself.

This Video Combines Emojis For A Jaw-Dropping Look

You'll likely have a lot of trouble picking a favorite out of the four looks in @illumin_arty's emoji makeup challenge TikTok. The video is filled with props that make each entry appear even more fascinating than the last. For the last look, this TikToker combines the skull and heart emojis, and the result will make your mouth drop.

This Video Starts Off Basic, And The Ending Is Epic

TikToker @cindychendesigns starts off simple in this emoji challenge video by drawing basic lines with makeup. Spoiler alert: The beat drops to reveal the most beautiful interpretations of the lollipop, mountain, bacon, and moon emojis. This TikToker proves that your face can be a blank canvas for actual art.

This Video Is A Total Transformation

The makeup looks in @evehenderson123's challenge are so realistic that you'll want a tutorial on how this TikToker went from a blank face to a full-on ice cream cone. Watching this video, you'll likely swear that this TikToker's "third eye" is real.

This Video Features Cute And Moody Characters

Getting creative with the emoji makeup challenge is a #must, and @sydney_art is certainly a pro. This TikToker's video takes lovey-dovey emojis like the rose and beating heart, and turns them into characters with different personalities.

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