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This TikToker's Video About Dark Under-Eye Circles Will Change Your Skincare Routine

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It doesn't matter how much I sleep or water I drink; the dark circles under my eyes never go away. I'd almost given up hope, particularly having sifted after a million eye creams, until I saw a certain TikTok about dark under-eye circles that just may be the secret to decoding the products that might really give me some results. Even if dark circles have become a bit of a trend on the app recently, I'm more than happy to try anything that may help me cut through those purple menaces.

TikToker Madi Prettyman posted a video centered around advice she received from dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross, founder of the eponymous skincare brand. In the video, she says the first step is to figure out what kind of dark circles you have. (TBH, I didn't even know there were different kinds of darks circles.) To do this, you gently pull up the skin under your eye. If the purple goes away, Dr. Gross, via Madi, says you may have thin skin, making the capillaries beneath your skin more visible. If the color stays, you might be experiencing discoloration. Knowing this, you can choose a more targeted solution. For those with thin skin, Madi recommends using products with vitamin C, a common skincare ingredient that helps build collagen and brighten. On the other hand, using a retinol-based eye cream can help combat the discoloration.

If you needed a bit more convincing, cosmetic dermatology physician assistant The Skinthusiast backed up all of Madi's claims in another dueted TikTok and offered even more advice. In it, she also highlights caffeine as another great collagen builder and suggested that all retinoids can work for brightening.

It's amazing I ever existed in this world before TikTok, because that app truly has all the answers to all of my questions and desires. For better or for worse, my evening will now absolutely be spent pulling at my dark circles to see what new product I'll be welcoming into my medicine cabinet. Below are some vitamin C and retinol-based eye creams to help you combat any unwanted dark under-eye circles.

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