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12 Jungkook Quotes For IG Captions That'll Inspire You & Your Followers

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BTS' RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are some of the most genuine artists out there. Besides thanking ARMYs for their support every chance they get, the guys deliver music that listeners of all ages can relate to. From dealing with depression and anxiety to encouraging listeners to love themselves, BTS' song lyrics never fail to hit ARMYs in their feels. Just like how fans have been there for the group since day one, BTS has always had ARMYs' backs, too. Jungkook has said some of the most amazing and inspirational things to fans. These BTS Jungkook quotes for Instagram captions are perfect for spreading the positive vibes with all your followers.

Jungkook has forever been an open book with ARMYs, and some of his best quotes have come from BTS' VLIVEs, documentaries, and social media channels. Some of these sayings have resulted from fans asking him for advice, while at other times, he's given them words of wisdom while talking about his own experiences. Jungkook loves ARMYs (if you couldn't already tell by his "ARMY" tattoo") and that's why he's constantly encouraging them to do their best. Below, you'll find 12 BTS Jungkook quotes for Instagram captions that all your friends and family members will love.

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  1. "Like the endless waves, our possibilities are infinite." — from BTS' 2020 Hyundai ad
  2. "Effort makes you. You’ll regret someday if you don’t do your best now." — from BTS Begins Programs Book
  3. "If you’re not mad or sad, you won’t know when you are happy." — from BTS' 2018 Festa Dinner Party
  4. "Do not stay frustrated when the going gets tough." — from Jungkook's Oct. 17, 2018 VLIVE
  5. "Regrets, revisiting what you didn’t do well, it won’t help you. The past is the past." — from Jungkook's Oct. 17, 2018 VLIVE
  6. "You can do whatever you want with your life." — from Jungkook's April 14, 2019 VLIVE
  7. "I hope you spend days filled with happiness." — from BTS' 2020 Winter Package
  8. "Don't give up on your dreams because you are conscious about what others think." from BTS' Japan FC Magazine Vol. 8
  9. "You need to feel the cold to understand the warm." — from BTS' Jan. 3, 2021 Bangtan Bomb
  10. "Live [your life] to the fullest." — from BTS' Nov. 19, 2019 Paper Interview
  11. "Can't hold me down 'cuz you know I'm a fighter." — from BTS' "ON"
  12. "Like an echo in the forest/ The day will come back around/ As if nothing happened/ Yeah, life goes on." — from BTS' Life Goes On"

There you have it. These 12 Jungkook quotes will surely give all your followers a motivation boost to get through their day.