People Are Literally Using Avocados To Propose & I Am The Most Done I've Ever Been

by Candice Jalili

What's your dream proposal like? The most important thing for me is that my best friends and my family are all there to celebrate after. As far as where it happens, it could take place anywhere. As long as we're happy and feeling in love. You see, I've put a lot of thought into who would be there and where it would be and what would be said but I haven't invested any energy into where the I'd like the ring to be. I always assumed the ring would just be in a box but these avocado proposals on Instagram have given me no choice but to reconsider.

The avocado proposal offers a unique and safe alternative to the classic food proposal that we've grown accustomed to.

I mean, I've seen the classic food proposals on TV. Couple goes to dinner and the ring is...wait for the cake! Couple goes to dinner and the ring is...wait for the baked potato! Couple goes to dinner and the ring is...wait for the champagne flute! The whole thing has always seemed a little cheesy and, more importantly, dangerous to me. Um, hello, what if I accidentally swallow my ring and choke?! OR what if my ring is piping hot from being baked into that potato and it burns my finger as soon as I slip it on? No, thank you.

You see, for starters, the avocado proposal is a new trend so it isn't plagued by the same cheesiness that the other food proposals are. It also doesn't hurt that avocados are quite possibly the trendiest food of the 21st century and a favorite of just about every Millennial. Something else that makes the avocado proposal less cheesy? Well, while the other food proposals act as a surprise element of your meal, the avocado in the avocado proposal serves as an alternative to the classic ring box.

The way it works is that the person proposing gets down on one knee, avocado in hand. Then they open the the avocado (that has been pre-sliced in half) and where the pit typically would be, there's an engagement ring! This way, you see it coming and, as a result, you 1) avoid choking on your engagement ring 2) pat your BAE on the back for the ultra creative proposal.

The avocado proposal has taken Instagram by storm, with everyone posting their own personal avocado proposal pictures. Because, yes, this is something that is a trend that is legitimately sweeping our nation.

A company called Custom Avocados even printed a bunch of avocados that said "will you marry me?" on them around NYC for a couple getting engaged. That's right, companies are actually making a profit off of avocado proposals.

Professional photographer, Kim Tyler was on the beach in Westbrook, Connecticut shooting senior portraits for high schoolers when she heard someone utter the words, "will you marry me?" behind her.

"As we turned around we saw the man down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend," Tyler said to Elite Daily. "I had no idea it was an avocado until I approach them and got their contact information so I could send them some pictures."

So why did he propose with an avocado? Well, the groom-to-be told Tyler "the reason he proposed with an avocado is because on their first date they shared an avocado at a beach party on that very same beach where they met."

She posted the photo to her Instagram page along with the caption "I was just minding my business photographing a senior when this literally happened right behind us."

So avocado proposals really are a thing. Just a piece of advice: don't do this unless you, like the couple photographed by Tyler, have some sort of personal tie to avocados. That's what makes it special.

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