Best Report Ever Says Avocados Are Getting Cheaper, So Order That Extra Guac

Everyone knows that teeny, tiny feeling of guilt whenever you order guac for a few extra cents at your local burrito joint. I mean, it's only natural to feel a little bad about spending your hard-earned cash on an avocado, but the temptation is too hard to resist. However, the news we've been waiting for is finally here: avocados are getting cheaper... SO GO ORDER THAT GUAC!

It's true: After many, many moons of increased avocado prices and moments at the register contemplating whether or not you should make avocado toast for breakfast, the prices of our favorite green fruit are dwindling, and we couldn't be happier.

Unfortunately, prices aren't going down that much -- but a decrease has taken place. A new report by Bloomberg says that the wholesale cost for avocados has dropped more than 6 percent from a record reached in early July.

In other words, avos are getting more and more affordable, baby. Go ahead and do a happy dance.

This comes as pretty exciting news, because the past few months have given us quite the scare as far as avocado supplies go. Back in May, an avocado shortage took place which resulted in avocados being more expensive than normal. It was a bleak time, my friends.

But now, it looks like more and more avocados are coming our way. It's been reported by Bloomberg that "bigger-than-expected" supplies of avocados have come to the U.S. from Mexico this month, which has eased the demand for our favorite fruit, and of course, lowered the price.

Robert Bonghi, a director of procurement and pricing at the Produce Alliance, spoke with Bloomberg about the current cost of avocados and assured us they wouldn't be getting too expensive anytime soon.

He told Bloomberg,

Prices in the foreseeable future will stabilize a little, and you won't see a sharp incline. Growers are trying to put more trees in the ground to keep up, [but] you're not going to see 10 avocados for a dollar.

Hey, as long as I'll be able to afford an avocado or two per week for my toast, I'll be happy. By the sound of it, that won't be too much of a problem in the foreseeable future.