How To Pick Out An Engagement Ring You'll Love Wearing 'Til Death Does You Part


Everyone knows that the best way to get something done exactly how you want it is to do it yourself. This goes for figuring out how to pick out an engagement ring, too. Sure, you can let your fiancé surprise you with the time and place but a surprise diamond? Risky, assuming you're into that sort of thing.

It makes sense considering you have to wear it for the rest of your life (I mean, hopefully). I know people always say looking down at their engagement rings makes them smile every time but how many of these people are just good-hearted liars? How many of them are actually looking down and thinking, "I wonder if I ~lose~ this, like I lost my student I.D., if I'd get a new one?"

OK, OK, probably not a whole lot of engaged people out there actually think like this because love is blind, blah, blah, blah. But I bet now you're panicking about what you would do if you hated your engagement ring. Perfect, because I've got just the bridal inspo for you. These three women chose their own engagement rings and um, can I be them? Here's how they got the loves of their lives to put not just any ring on it... but the ring. Bey-hive, take note.

This woman gave her fiancé a shortlist of her favorites and I've never been more impressed by someone's ability to delegate. I mean, this is some upper-management level strategizing.

- Emily, 26

This guy's fiancée picked out her own ring without even knowing it and it's actually kind of genius. Maybe she knew what he was up to all along?

- aud7

This woman isn't even engaged yet but she's got it all figured out. Gotta love a woman with a plan.

- Nicole, 23

It should be standard procedure that you share the links to your wedding-planning Pinterest boards with your significant other when things start getting serious. (Trust me, it's all in there — how I'd like to be proposed to, what color tuxes the eight groomsmen will wear, what I want for Christmas next year...)

All that's left to do now is hire a bodyguard to protect your engagement ring like Paris Hilton did and you're all set to live happily ever after.

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