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Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring Has Its Own Bodyguard & Now She's My Hero


I'm not a celebrity. I don't know what it's like to own multimillion-dollar items. Honestly, the fact that Paris Hilton's engagement ring has its own bodyguard makes a lot of sense to me. For one, it's bigger than any human I've ever met. Secondly, it's more expensive than my own engagement ring, plus my mom's engagement ring, plus her mom's engagement ring, and probably plus all the other engagement rings ever gifted to anyone in my entire ancestral lineage.

After Hilton's boyfriend, Chris Zylka, popped the question over New Year's weekend, all eyes have been on her 20-carat stunner. In fact, E! News officially confirmed she seriously hired a bodyguard to protect the bauble at all times. Considering her friend Kim Kardashian's multimillion-dollar ring was stolen during her Paris robbery, it makes total sense Hilton might go to extremes to protect herself and her property.

Hilton announced her engagement with an adorable series of photos on her Instagram account, and the ring is front and center. She captioned the pictures,

A friend also videotaped Zylka getting down on one knee, and my favorite part is at the very end.

Hilton rips open the ring box and whispers, "Holy f*ck."

Same, Paris. Same.

According to jewelry expert Michael Greene, Hilton's ring is worth right around $2 million. He told E! News,

Greene also talked about how lovely it was to work with Zylka on picking out the diamond. He said,

Ultimately, Zylka committed to a pear shape because it was similar to Hilton's mother's ring. Just after the engagement, Greene told People,

According to reports, both Zylka and Hilton "started shaking" the first time they held the ring.

Greene said, "When he [Zylka] came to pick it up and opened up the box, he literally started shaking," and Hilton told People,

She added,

Congratulations to Hilton, Zylka, and the ring's bodyguard for his new gig!

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