This Girl Turned Down Her BF’s Public Proposal, & OMG The Video Is So Cringeworthy

February is usually full of romantic gestures, especially because Valentine’s Day is smack-dab in the middle of the month. The regular showstoppers include (but are not limited to) flowers, candy, romantic dates, and sometimes, proposals! You’d think being surrounded by all things love would make you want to say yes to a man on one knee, but alas, for one girl in Nuevo León, Mexico, it was not so, and the video of the girl rejecting her boyfriend’s public proposal went viral for the whole world to see. Ouch.

The proposal went down at the Paseo la Fe shopping center in the neighborhood of San Nicolás de los Garza. In a video posted to Facebook, you can see the couple standing on an actual platform in the middle of a crowd. No pressure!! It was probs not a good idea to propose in front of actual strangers in a super public place. Nevertheless, the boyfriend courageously gets down on one knee with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a ring in the other. There is also a band playing behind him, so you can tell he put some thought into this. Ideal, right? Wrong.

The girl stares at her boyfriend with her hands over her mouth in disbelief. You can’t hear what they’re saying over the tense murmurs of the crowd, but you can pretty much guess he was trying to convince her to say yes. That's rough enough as it is! Who wants to convince their SO to marry them?

Then, she takes the roses, stares some more, and just... idles. Her boyfriend is kneeling on the floor throughout, eventually taking the ring in both hands, and visibly slouching in disappointment when his girlfriend says no. He's left alone, on stage, with the band, whose members kindly patted him on the back in consolation.

The entire video is hard to watch, and you can tell his girlfriend is trying to be somewhat subtle with her rejection. Maybe she didn't want to make her "no" look so obvious! Her uncomfortable stance and super awk shuffle seem to drag on forever. The people in the audience began to yell, "Say yes!" in Spanish, but instead, she (finally) shakes her head no, turns around, leaves the flowers on stage, and books it out of there. You can hear the crowd booing in protest, and a woman saying, "Qué bárbara," which roughly translates to "how brutal." Brutal indeed. But if she wasn't ready to get married, can you blame her? Maybe she could've gotten closer and whispered, "Can we talk?" She probably wasn't in that headspace, though, and TBH, when you're caught off-guard, you're not thinking much of anything.

Since being posted on Feb. 12, the video has been shared on Facebook 58,309 times. It’s also amassed 4.7 million views and counting. That means almost 5 million people have seen this guy get hardcore rejected, on a stage, in front of even more actual people.

This is by no means the first time a public proposal has gone terribly wrong. There was the time a guy proposed to his girlfriend on a Kiss Cam, but the ring got knocked out of his hand. There was also the time a guy vommed in a helicopter immediately after proposing! Both of their girlfriends said yes, though, so... maybe they didn't go as wrong as this one.

While the identity of the scorned proposer and his (now ex?) girlfriend are unknown, hopefully he learned his lesson, and his next proposal gets a Cardi B and Offset-style "YES!" Suggestion: Maybe don’t surprise propose in public? Or just be, like, 10,000 percent sure she’s going to say yes by asking her friends first? IDK. Just a thought.

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