Marriage Proposal At Baseball Game Goes Horribly Wrong And Twitter Is Cringing


I'm definitely more of a hopeless romantic than a "sports person," so my favorite things about baseball games have always been the kiss cam and the proposals.

As someone who is eternally single, I usually swoon over the romantic display of affection and live vicariously through the lovers on camera.

However, kisses and proposals caught on camera don't always turn out the way they're planned.

Sometimes, dudes would rather chug a glass of beer instead kiss their GF in front of the masses. (Classy, I know.)

Other times, heartless girlfriends will deny their boyfriends' proposals in front of thousands.

In fact, that's exactly what happened on Sunday night at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts during a Red Sox game.

A hopeful BF got down on one knee inside the stadium and proposed to his GF in front of the cameras -- and based off an array of shocking tweets, his girlfriend said "no."

Apparently, his proposal was showcased on the stadium's video board for the entire audience to see. Moments later, the cameras cut away and the viewers learned he was rejected.

Luckily, someone caught an awkward video of the couple arguing while the camera man nonchalantly stares into the distance. It's definitely cringeworthy, to say the least.

I am mortified for this dude.

Apparently, I'm not the only one completely devastated for the hopeless romantic, because Twitter has been showing support for the poor guy, too.

It was "absolutely brutal."


There wasn't even a hug.


Some people are hitting on the coldhearted GF.




Some people are happy she denied her BF.


Yup. He was definitely "friend zoned."


Well, I suppose we should all take this as a lesson to never propose to our SO in front of thousands of people on camera at a baseball stadium.

Thank goodness no one captured the actual rejection on film. That would have been really rough.