Here are some boozy dalgona coffee recipes to try with ingredients you have at home.

These Boozy Dalgona Coffee Recipes Include One With Cold Brew-Flavored Vodka

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Since dalgona coffee became the latest sip-sation back in March, social media users have been loving the drink for its simple ingredients and versatility. It's easy to customize dalgona coffee with a swap or quick addition of ingredients, so you've probably seen a few different takes on the standard recipe. Now, there are even some alcoholic versions. If you're ready for happy hour, these six dalgona coffee with alcohol recipes will give your sips a kick.

Thanks to TikTok creator @iamhannahcho for sharing the whipped coffee recipe back back in early March, the viral sip has taken on a life of its own with a ton of variations. The original recipe is simple, with two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water whipped together to a fluffy consistency and poured over your choice of milk. The photo-worthy drink isn't a new creation, as it's known as dalgona coffee in South Korea before becoming a viral sensation, Pakistan and India both have variations of the drink.

Altering the recipe is easy and making it a spiked dalgona just requires a couple of tweaks to the recipe. Here are some of the stand-out recipes to enjoy if you're 21 years and older.

1. SKYY Cold Brew dalgona whipped coffee

SKYY Vodka created its own version of the dalgona coffee sensation for a boozy twist on the drink. To make it yourself, use the base recipe, but instead of water, replace it with two tablespoons of SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Vodka (or SKYY core). Mix those together in a bowl and whip until it becomes a thick, fluffy consistency.

Since this lacks hot water, SKYY suggests using an electric mixer, or replacing one tablespoon of vodka for hot water if you're whipping it by hand. When it's done, fill your glass with ice, milk, and top it off with the dalgona mixture.

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2. The Tipsy Bartender's take on dalgona

The Tipsy Bartender took the dalgona recipe and kicked it up a notch with some Irish cream and horchata vibes.

Measure out two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and water and blend it all together. Fill your glass with ice. Now, pour in one part RumChata (horchata cream liqueur) and one part Bailey's Original Irish Cream Liqueur, and top it off with a dash of Fireball (cinnamon whiskey). Stir that together and pour the whipped coffee mixture over the top.

If this is too boozy for you, you can swap out RumChata for a homemade milk and cinnamon mixture.

3. A boozy coffee liqueur

TikTok user @davidteitel posted this boozy dolgona coffee creation. He keeps the base recipe the same, so whip together the ingredients first. Next, instead of filling your glass with milk (or in addition to milk, if you'd like), pour some coffee liqueur (the recipe uses Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur) over a small glass of ice and top it off with the whipped instant coffee mixture.

4. Peanut Butter Boozy dalgona coffee

This recipe from @juligrace uses the base recipe for dalgona. After you whip the ingredients, put ice in a glass, pour in your choice of milk (she uses almond milk), and add a shot of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey.

If you don't have peanut butter whiskey, try adding some peanut butter (wet or powdered) to the instant coffee mix before you whip and use whatever whiskey you have on hand.

5. Whiskey dalgona coffee

TikTik user @sherriesavorsthecity posted this recipe featuring Jameson Cold Brew Irish Whiskey. Make the whipped coffee mixture with the base recipe. Once it's whipped, add ice to your glass and pour in a shot of Jameson Cold Brew, then add milk. Top your glass off with the fluffy coffee and sprinkle with cinnamon.

If you don't have a cold brew infused whiskey, you can mix a bit of non-alcoholic cold brew coffee into the milk.


6. Spiced rum dalgona coffee

YouTube channel Booze on the Rocks posted this spicy take on a dalgona coffee. Replace the two tablespoons of sugar with brown sugar, and mix it with the instant coffee and hot water. Once that's whipped up, grab a glass and fill it with ice.

Take a cocktail shaker and shake a shot of spiced rum, one tablespoon of simple syrup, and a dash of vanilla extract. Then add some milk, and mix it together. Pour it over your ice and add the whipped mixture.

These boozy dalgona coffee recipes may use some specific liquors and measurements, but you can always adjust to make the drink less strong, or use whatever brand of liquor you have in your cabinet.

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