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This Whipped Strawberry Milk Recipe Is A Sweet Alternative To Dalgona Coffee

by Daffany Chan

People have been absolutely loving dalgona coffee, the latest viral sip making rounds on social media. Half the fun of the recipe is how customizable it is, and fans have been experimenting with the original ingredients and sharing their creative hacks for the at-home treat. If you'd prefer a non-caffeinated beverage, there's a new pink sip you'll want to try out: whipped strawberry milk. Here's how to make whipped strawberry milk for a tasty dalgona alternative.

On Tuesday, March 10, TikTok creator @iamhannahcho shared a recipe for whipped coffee that's since gone viral. The original recipe includes two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water whipped together and poured over your choice of milk. Though the creamy drink isn't anything new (it's called dalgona coffee in Korea, and versions of the treat have become popular in Pakistan and India too), it's quickly become a fan-favorite concoction due its 'Gram-worthy whipped peaks and short ingredient list.

The latest dalgona alternative, whipped strawberry milk, is even more simple to make and is the perfect spring sip. Shared by Instagram user @sweetportfolio, all you'll need to do is add 1 tablespoon of Strawberry Nesquik and 4 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream together. From there, you'll mix the ingredients together until you get a fluffy whipped cream. Once you're done mixing, serve the concoction over cold or hot milk.

Fans of dalgona coffee should definitely be pumped about the frothy pink drink, which offers a whole new taste sensation with the same technique that dalgona devotees have become accustomed to in the past weeks. Not only is the cute pink drink fruity and creamy, but it is also caffeine-free, making it the perfect treat for any time of day.

If you're more of a chocolate fan, you can try out user @sweetportfolio's whipped cocoa recipe, which is also non-caffeinated. Following the same process, you'll mix together 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa⁣, 1 teaspoon of sugar⁣, and 3 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream⁣ before pouring the blend over a glass of your favorite milk with ice.

There's also dalgona coffee with chai and dalgona coffee with green tea, if you'd like to have a boost of energy without staying up all night. With so many ways to whip up the tasty treat, you'll want to experiment with them all.