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These 4 Signs Are Terrible Liars & Have No Poker Face

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Lying is an art form. To be able to come up with the perfect lie and deliver it believably is no easy feat, especially when you're lying to someone who knows your mannerisms well. For some of us, lying feels impossible. Your palms start to sweat, anxiety runs through your mind, and you know you're just gonna end up telling the truth anyway. Speaking of which, these zodiac signs are terrible at lying, so if you've got placements in Aries, Cancer, Virgo, or Sagittarius, you might as well just be honest, because the truth will set you free — and make you feel better.

Personally, I can relate to being bad at lying. As a Cancer rising, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, so even if I'm saying all the right things, my facial expressions always betray me. If you're throwing a surprise party for a friend of mine, don't even tell me, because my excitement will give it away. If I'm talking to someone I have strong feelings toward, my voice will shake or my eyes will roll, and they'll definitely figure out how I feel toward them. What can I say? At least you can trust me to be honest.

The same goes for the below zodiac signs. Whether they just don't care enough to lie or they simply can't help but let the truth shine, lying isn't something that tends to be in their social tool belt.

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Aries: They're Too Impulsive To Come Up With A Lie

The first sign in the zodiac wheel tends to think with their gut rather than their head, and as you can imagine, this makes it pretty difficult for them to lie. Fabricating the truth takes time, planning, and patience, but an Aries? Their impulse is to just say exactly what they mean and deal with the consequences later. Whether they're trying to keep a secret or lie about how they're feeling, it's always easy for someone to see through it. Probably because they accidentally told the truth.

Cancer: You Can See The Truth Written In Their Eyes

When a Cancer needs to lie, they tend to just avoid the subject at all costs. This makes sense when you consider how this zodiac sign is ruled by the crab, a creature that crawls sideways. However, when confronted, a Cancer tends to communicate too emotionally to be able to lie. They wear their heart on their sleeve and it's always easy to tell how they're feeling. If you keep pressing them on their lie, they're bound to just reveal the truth because lying makes them feel terrible.

Virgo: They Overthink The Lie To The Point That It's Obvious

Of all the zodiac signs who made the list, Virgo is probably the best at lying. The thing is, a Virgo usually doesn't care enough to lie to you. If you've got lipstick on your teeth or you're making a fool of yourself, a Virgo will be the first one to tell you the truth. In their mind, they see no reason to lie when the truth might help you even more. However, when they do lie, they have the tendency to overdo it. They'll add way too many details and angles to the point that it just sounds like a lie.

Sagittarius: They Tend To Just Blurt Out The Truth

You know that person who covers their mouth after telling the truth before saying "whoops"? That person is probably a Sagittarius. They're what I like to call "brutally honest" and whether they're cracking a joke that hits a little too close to home or they're having a case of word vomit, this mutable fire sign tends to express the truth way more often than lies. You can always rely on them to be the first one to say exactly what everyone else is thinking — just don't expect them to keep a secret for long.

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