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This Is How You Tell A Lie, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Everyone lies. Let's just get that right out of the way, shall we? Whether you're telling a white lie to get out of plans that you no longer feel like going through with or you're lying about something terrible that you did, you're still avoiding the truth in some way. Obviously, honesty is always the best policy, but isn't it kind of unrealistic to expect us all to tell the entire truth 100 percent of the time? Let's talk about how you tell a lie, according to your zodiac sign, because chances are, you've been lying through your teeth.

As commonplace as telling a lie may be, it can still feel so horrible, am I right? If you're covering up something really bad, you feel beyond guilty for telling the lie and you're terrified of getting caught. As they say, the truth sets you free, but the truth is a heavy thing. If you were honest all the time, you'd have to be honest about all your negative thoughts, strange habits, embarrassing moments, and harsh feelings.

Every single sign in the zodiac lies. That's right. Despite what you've been told, it's not just Geminis and Scorpios who are doing the lying. If you don't believe me, see for yourself how each zodiac sign tells a lie.

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Aries: You Lie With Passion And Persistence

You keep it short, sweet, and to the point. You will fight hard to prove you're being honest and you put so much passion behind it that no one would even dare question whether you're telling the truth.

Taurus: You Lie By Believing The Lie Is The Truth

By the time you've told the lie, it has already become the truth to you. You'll come up with such a strong lie that you'll believe it yourself. After all, you know that doubting your lie will only give you away.

Gemini: You Come Up With A Lie On The Spot

You concoct a brilliant lie in the moment and you let your imagination take you away. Sometimes there's not even a real reason to lie, you just prefer to write your own truth and make reality more interesting.

Cancer: You Add Some Real Emotion To The Lie

If you get emotional about the lie, it only makes it look that much more real. Even if people don't buy it, they'll be too uncomfortable to keep probing. Plus, who would question you while you're tearing up?

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Leo: You Make A Performance Out Of The Lie

You probably rehearsed your lines, deciphered the right tone, and thought all about how you're going to execute the performance that is your lie. You know how to sway people with good art.

Virgo: You Add A Million Details To The Lie

You've thought of every angle, fact, and detail so that it all adds up to a perfectly sound and foolproof lie. How could your fabrications fail? Your logic is so tight that it's almost easier to believe than the actual truth.

Libra: You Lie By Omission And Avoiding Contact

You know that the most effective way to tell a lie is to avoid having to tell it altogether. Eventually, people usually forget. You're amazing at steering the conversation away from the subject so that it never comes up.

Scorpio: You Never Change Anything About Your Lie

When you tell a lie, you live and die by your story without changing a thing. Even if there are holes in your logic or the details don't add up, you'll stand by your lie so fiercely that your conviction will confuse people.

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Sagittarius: You Lie By Telling A Dramatic, Rambling Story

You've got this big story in mind when you're telling your lie. You want to make sure it's really believable, and also, so fascinating that people are actually intrigued by the story and encouraging you to keep lying.

Capricorn: You Use Evidence To Support The Lie

When you lie, you rely on way more than just words. You make sure there's evidence that you can manipulate to your advantage. Even if the evidence is out of context, you'll make it look like it's totally relevant.

Aquarius: You Get Everyone In On The Lie

You understand the power of numbers, and how if you can get people on your side, the lie will be that much harder to prove false. You've got an alibi at the ready and plenty of witnesses to confirm your story.

Pisces: You Trick People Into Believing The Lie

You're excellent at making the person you're lying to believe that you would never lie to them. You make them feel like you're too sweet to be a liar or that you love them too much to ever do that to them. It works.

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