These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Likely To Be Serial Monogamists

Do you know someone who's seriously never been single for more than five minutes? It's like they simply don't know how to function unless they're in love or in a relationship. Look, I get it. Being single can get lonely and navigating the hot-and-cold waters of noncommittal dating is no easy feat. But some people never stay single long enough to even change their relationship status on Facebook, and chances are, they're one of the zodiac signs who are most likely to be serial monogamists. If you've got placements in Cancer, Leo, Libra, or Scorpio, you might be known for jumping from one long-term relationship to the next.

Some people simply thrive when they're in a committed partnership and the idea of finally ending up with their soulmate is what drives them. If the last relationship didn't work out, why wallow over it? Why waste time before meeting someone you might be more compatible with? They're not afraid of committing to someone they don't know too well. In fact, they believe going steady is the best way to get to know someone.

Serial monogamists love the feeling of loving someone and being loved in return. They're not interested in playing the field or establishing a grace period before entering the next relationship. At best, they're die-hard romantics who believe in finding their one true love. These signs just love love.

Want further proof these zodiac signs would almost always rather be in an exclusive partnership than keep their options open? Keep reading.

Cancer: They Want To Find A Home In Someone

A Cancer craves that cozy, warm, and safe feeling of being home. It's difficult to find that feeling if they're dating multiple people with no strings attached. They'd much rather focus their heart on one person and know that their heart is being focused on in return. In fact, it might be hard for a Cancer to truly open up to someone they're dating unless they know it's serious. A Cancer's goal is always to build a home, and when it comes to dating, their partner must be part of that home.

Leo: They Love Having Someone To Dote On

Leos are known for being serial monogamists because they love all the romance that comes with being in a serious partnership. They love being able to write love letters, buy presents, and do sweet things for the apple of their eye. All those gestures might seem too intense for a casual relationship. Plus, Leos are fixed signs, which means they literally "fixate" on one person, so they tend to devote their heart to one person at a time.

Libra: Being In A Relationship Comes Naturally To Them

No one loves being in a committed relationship more than Libra. Seriously, this zodiac sign is ruled by Venus — planet of love — and is associated with the seventh house of partnerships. Being in a long-term relationship is nearly the default for this harmonious and affection-oriented zodiac sign. They're famous for lusting after a long-term relationship because they'd much rather know they always have someone to do things with.

Scorpio: They Desire A Deep Connection With Someone

Scorpios are famous for being intensely passionate, private, and possessive, so you know they're one of the first zodiac signs to be a serial monogamist. In theory, they love being single, but it's just that they love being in love more. They want to truly get to know someone and a Scorpio can't do that if they're only casually dating. Plus, they love being committed to someone and knowing it's exclusive, because they will feel uneasy about their lover keeping themselves available.