A corgi runs around on a green football field during the Puppy Bowl.

These Captions For The Puppy Bowl Are So Cute & Fetch


Football fans are gearing up for the ultimate face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers this weekend. But you're sitting on your couch and texting your besties about the one and only Puppy Bowl. You're already picking between Team Fluff and Team Ruff, and placing a few bets on what pups will make stunning plays. So it's only right that you have some 2020 Puppy Bowl Instagram captions written down in a note on your phone.

That way, when you post on social media, whether it be in your feed or on your stories, you're prepared. You have a bunch of puns waiting to be used when a corgi jets off with the ball, or a sweet golden retriever sneakily steals it from another "player." You can even come up with a post for the Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Kitty Half-Time Show, or the moment when the Lombarky Trophy is awarded.

All in all, you can document your well-spent afternoon in front of the TV — cheering on the pups running around on the miniature football field, and of course, eating delicious snacks. Here are a couple of captions for the occasion. Be sure to tune into the 2020 Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet on Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. ET.


1. "Let the Puppy Bowl begin."

2. "So, which pup is the quarterback?"

3. "He's the real MVP. Most valuable pup."

4. "You either love Team Fluff or you're wrong."

5. "This football game is super-duper cute."

6. "Who knew Super Bowl Sunday could be so adorable?"

7. "I'm loving these snacks, but watching pups play football is the real treat."

8. "Rootin' for Team Ruff. How about you?"

9. "I can't keep calm when the Puppy Bowl is on."

10. "This is my version of Super Bowl Sunday."

11. "The cutest member of the football team."

12. "All they do is play, play, play."

13. "Football and puppies make the world go 'round."

14. "But first, let's watch the Puppy Bowl."

15. "Life is ruff when you're playing the Puppy Bowl."

16. "Somebody call Gretchen Weiners. They made fetch happen!"

17. "You're so paw-some."

18. "Cuteness overload found here."

19. "What the pup? That was totally a fumble!"

20. "The most athletic pupper you ever did see."

21. "Football, food, and watching cute fluffs."

22. "I know we're losing in the fourth quarter, but I'm staying paw-sitive."


23. "Daschund through the defense."

24. "My pups really need to ketchup."

25. "Thinking about belly rubs and the end zone."

26. "Do it for the treats."

27. "I want to pet all of these pups in the Puppy Bowl."

28. "Super Bowl Sunday would be ruff without the Puppy Bowl."

29. "I'm a Puppy Bowl kind of person."

30. "Today's forecast: 100% chance of couch snuggles and Puppy Bowl hangs."

31. "Little puppy, big football-filled world."

32. "All about this corgi coverage."

33. "These are the Sunday football games we live for."

34. "How do I get my pup into the Puppy Bowl? Let me know."