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A young woman poses with her newly-adopted puppy for an Instagram picture.

Use Any Of These Rescue Dog Instagram Captions For Your Gotcha Day Pics

Let the furry introductions begin.

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Adopting a puppy and welcoming them into your home is a truly loving experience. Once your sweet fur baby gets acclimated to their cozy surroundings, you’ll likely want to take some pics for a funny dog adoption announcement. After all, they are the newest member of your family, and you need to Instagram a picture as the proudest paw-rent ever. When you’re done snapping away, here are some Instagram captions for adopting your puppy that are absolutely fetch.

These rescue dog Instagram captions will pair perfectly with the initial photo you post of your super playful, fluffy roommate. Whether you take it while they’re rolling around in their plush bed or playing with their new toys, post your puppy announcement with great Gotcha Day dog captions like, "Adopted the sweetest puppy of all time," or, "You are so loved, little fluff." No matter what moments you capture, you'll be looking back on them for years to come. That's why it's so important to pair your adoption announcement picture with paw-fect Happy Gotcha Day dog captions.

Choosing rescue dog captions that are adorable and witty will be so much fun after taking your new pup for walks and training them to sit for delicious treats. So, feel free to grab any of these captions for adopting your puppy or Happy Gotcha Day dog quotes before posting and introducing your best furry friend to the world.

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  1. "Everyone, meet my new puppy!"
  2. "New puppy just dropped."
  3. "Can't text. Taking care of my new puppy."
  4. "Adopted the sweetest puppy of all time."
  5. "My new puppy is totally fetch."
  6. "Feeling lucky to have rescued this sweet pup."
  7. "So, I adopted a puppy..."
  8. "It's a real treat having my new puppy around."
  9. "You're even more paw-some than I ever dreamed of."
  10. "There's no sleep for the new and excited puppy owner."
  11. "I'm officially a dog parent."
  12. "We're going to be together fur-ever."
  13. "If you see something in my lap during the Zoom meeting, it's probably my new puppy."
  14. "We've only spent an hour together, and I already have weird nicknames for my puppy."
  15. "So. Much. Fluff."
  16. "It's been a golden day with this one."
  17. "I woof you more than you'll ever know."
  18. "I'm in love."
  19. "Life is ruff whenever I'm not with my new puppy."
  20. "Brag pictures. Not sorry."
  21. "To be honest, this pup is bad to the bone."
  22. "You are so loved, little fluff."
  23. "Let the cuteness overload commence."
  24. "Happy adoption day!"
  25. “I didn’t think love at first sight was paw-sible until I adopted my new pup.”
  26. “Just negotiated the terms of my new dog’s leash.”
  27. “About to turn into a pup-arazzi around my new dog.”
  28. “My heart has melted into a poodle on the floor.”
  29. “Making Insta a cuter place by posting pics of my new pup. It’s the leashed I can do.”
  30. “This should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.”
  31. “Don’t stop retrieving.”
  32. “Paws what you’re doing and look at my new dog.”
  33. “I’m all about that pug life now.”
  34. “Howl you doing?”
  35. “Got a brand new family member under the woof.”
  36. “Sorry, I’ll collie you later. I’m too busy playing with my new dog.”
  37. “I’m mutts about my new dog.”
  38. “Please fur-give me for all the dog pics I’m about to post.”
  39. “I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life now.”
  40. “I’ve got a new leash on life.”

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