28 Paw-some Captions To Welcome Your New Puppy Into Your Home

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Since you were little, running around the playground and racing scooters with your friends in your neighborhood, you've wanted to welcome a puppy into your life. You've wanted a friendly pug, a loyal German shepherd, or a playful Boston terrier who loves to go on adventures. So, when your roommate or SO texted you a message like, "Can we adopt a dog?" you were out-of-this-world excited. You instantly responded, "Um, yes!" Within a few days, you were on the road, going to pick up your fluff and bring them to their forever home. Now, you really need some new puppy announcement captions for welcoming home your fur baby on social media.

You may love watching their little tail wag at the glimpse of a treat, or taking selfies with them during a wild afternoon of fetch and making friends with other dogs at the park. If you're anything like me, you'll fall head over heels for the moments when your new puppy learns a new trick or sits at your feet when you're making dinner. You'll climb into bed, open your camera roll, and realize you've taken thousands of pictures of your pet. That means you have plenty of #content for social media and welcoming home your fur baby on Instagram. You just need to add one of these 28 captions for new puppies to your post, before tapping the share button.

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1. "As far as I'm concerned, you are paw-fection."

2. "The love for my new puppy is fur real."

3. "Not to brag, but I think my new roommate is really cute."

4. "The cutest member of the family."

5. "And so, the snuggles and treats begin."

6. "The one where we welcome a new puppy into our home."

7. "But first, let's snuggle on the couch."

8. "Little pup, big world."

9. "Warning: Cuteness overload up ahead."

10. "The happiest pupper you ever did see."

11. "Too dapper for words."

12. "Tell your dog my new puppy says hi."

13. "All you need is love and a puppy."

14. "You're the only pup for me."

15. "Peace, love, and my puppy."

16. "Free wet kisses found here."

17. "Pawsitively the cutest."

18. "What's up, MTV. Welcome to my new home."

19. "Everything is peachy when I'm with my new puppy."

20. "All she does is play, play, play."

21. "You're home and adventure all at once."

22. "Being this cute must be so freaking ruff."

23. "Home is where my puppy is."

24. "Spending every day with you is going to be a real treat."

25. "New puppy lovin'."

26. "The snuggle is so real."

27. "Oh my, puppy."

28. "Happy lil' things."

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