These 20 tweets about conference calls during isolation are so funny.

These Hilarious Tweets About Conference Calls Will Make You Feel So Seen

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With social distancing a new way of life during the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working from home. If you've never worked remotely before, it can definitely throw your usual routine out of whack. Joining remote video conference calls is one of the easiest ways workforces are staying connected, but it can still be challenging to get used to. Some people are taking their troubles to Twitter, and these 20 tweets about conference calls are hilariously relatable.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, remote video calls are a useful replacement for in-office meetings. Whether you're using video conference call platforms like Google Hangouts or Zoom, there are bound to be a some issues — from being unable to connect to the call to endless distractions from your pets or quarantine buddies. The good news is, Twitter users are sharing the virtual meeting issues they've experienced while working from home, and they'll give you a good chuckle (and remind you to turn off your computer's camera when walking from room to room).

Some of the funniest tweets are from users having a hard time getting themselves in the work mindset, whether they're having difficulty concentrating or just adjusting to their make-shift office space:

It's so easy to forget to press the mute button:

Some people are experiencing some funny interruptions during calls:

Virtual conference calls for classes are just as much of an adjustment for students as they are for work professionals:

And then, sometimes, you forget who you're in a meeting with and send the wrong messages, or it's even more difficult to concentrate during a lecture:

Some people's WFH attire is a far cry from their office look:

When conference calls take ~forever~ to get going because of connection issues, late co-workers, and missing emails:

You can totally follow the no pants rule for Zoom meetings, right? Or easily change into your "business pajamas."

And why wouldn't you want to make every call a video call during social distancing, especially if you have this guy's bone structure?

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