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What Do You Meme Is Giving Out $30K In Scholarships & You Can Apply RN

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If you're a high school or college student, the coronavirus pandemic may have postponed your graduation or transitioned your classes to online spaces where you have to video chat with your teachers. It's an unprecedented time. But, the highly-popular game company, What Do You Meme, and the Scholly app have come together and created the What Do You Meme x Scholly scholarship fund.

Designed to help students who are entering college in the fall or facing student loan debt, this scholarship fund is the two brands' way of doing their part to help out. It holds a total of $30K that will be distributed to "rising high school seniors and undergraduate college students" alike this spring, according to the official press release. (Three students will be chosen and given $10K each.)

In the past, and even during your quarantine, you may have found a lot of joy in playing games from this company that require you to mix-and-match funny memes with relatable captions, and teach your family members what a "meme" actually is. The brand notes in the press release, "What Do You Meme may look like we're all fun and games, but as a team of forward thinkers and creatives, we know the critical importance of education." Along with Scholly, they want to help you face challenges you're dealing with "in the wake of COVID-19," and make the scholarship process a little fun, too.

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So, how exactly do you apply for this scholarship? Well, you may be very surprised that no stuffy, long-form answers are really involved. Instead, the brand is asking that every applicant writes "a short form essay on the value of a joke," as per the press release. The essay should only be 300 words or less, and paint a picture of "a joke that resonates with you." Don't be afraid to give yourself some time to think before sitting down with a laptop and typing up your responses.

Your memorable joke can be one you've told or one you've heard. (If your dad has told you a particularly good dad joke over the years, it may be time for it to shine.) Be sure to include in your essay exactly why you think the joke is so great and why it continues to resonate with you. You may want to ask yourself important questions like, "Why is it worth telling over and over again?" and "What's so clever about the punchline?"

Once your essay is complete, head to Scholly and create a profile. Search for the What Do You Meme scholarship within the app or website, or by going to Applications are now open (They began on Monday, Apr. 27, 2020.) and will be closing on Friday, June 26, 2020.

After submitting your essay, be sure to encourage your loyal friends and followers to get involved too, by sharing the scholarship opportunity on social media. When you do, tag @WhatDoYouMeme and be sure to use the hashtags #WDYMscholarship and #WDYMuniversity.

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