Excuse Me While I Stare At This Video Of Kim K's Fitting For Her Met Gala Dress All Day

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I'll always go to bat when it comes to my girl Kim K, and I'm especially defensive when it comes to this year's Met Gala look. As a major Kim stan, a lifelong Thierry Mugler admirer, and an English major well-versed in the notion of camp, I can confidently say it was one of the most gorgeous and on-theme looks of the night, and the second I saw it, I was desperate to know more. Obviously, Queen Kim knew I wasn't the only one wanting the deets, hence the video of Kim Kardashian's fitting for her 2019 Met Gala dress uploaded to the Vogue YouTube channel one day later. The clips show a behind-the-scenes look at Kardashian and the Mugler team prepping the dress just two days before the big Gala, and if you haven't seen it it yet, prepare to watch it about ten times, regularly freeze-framing the Kim-in-corset moments to ask yourself "How is that possible?"

I'm just going to assume you've already seen her now-iconic wet-look dress, but just in case you don't know why it's so major, allow me to break it all down. Lots of celebs have recently taken a huge interest in Mugler's classic, campy designs — Cardi B's venus gown at the Grammys was a notable moment for sure, and Kardashian has been sporting the deisgner's pieces all over Instagram as of late. Still, designer Manfred Thierry Mugler has not created a piece for his namesake label in 20 years; that is, until Kardashian requested he help her slay the Met Gala. The icon designed two fierce looks for Kardashian to help her stand out on the Met steps and at the after party, and the whole collab felt too good to be true.

I mean, how can this be real?

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It can be real, and indeed it was. Vogue filmed the entire fitting process and uploaded it in a video entitled "Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted For Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look," which has amassed over five million views in its first 24 hours on YouTube. See? I wasn't the only one who wanted to know more! In the video, Kardashian notes that, despite cutting back on her frequent beauty treatments in order to prioritize her law school studies, she went all out with the facials and the spray tans to prep for her Met Gala moment. Treat yourself, Kimmie!

I came for the corset-tying, but I stayed for Kim and her good vibes:


Seriously, though. How can that be comfortable?


In the video, Kardashian's personality is charming, and relatable as heck. She vents about nerves, prays she won't have to pee while walking the carpet, and admits she plans to eat a dozen mini donuts the day after the big event. She FaceTimes her cousin to make sure she looks good, and when she notes how tiny her waist looks, Kardashian casually replies, "I know, right?" Mood. She's also sure to sing Mugler's praises, clearly grateful to have the chance to work with him. "He is like the king of camp, like he invented camp," she gushes.

Watching the fitting is fascinating — it really takes a village to get these Met Gala looks on point:


"This is beyond what I ever thought couture was," Kim exclaims throughout:


Apparently, she can only "half-sit" once the corset is done up and the dress is fully on, so I'd personally love a follow-up video detailing what she did during the sit-down dinner portion of the evening.

Throughout the video, Kardashian expresses multiple times how proud she is to be a Vogue covergirl during Met Gala season, as it was always a dream of hers to land a solo cover:

Another secret worth noting? In the vid, Kim dishes as to why Kanye's Met Gala outfit was so basic — although, at time of filming, she didn't know exactly what it would be. Kardashian admits that when she first attended the Met, she was only invited as West's plus one. This year, he decided it was his turn to be her plus one, and opted to dress down so as to not take away fom her spotlight.

"'You're the covergirl and I'm your plus one, so I'll just try to fade out in the background and just be your date and let you shine,'" she quotes her hubby in the video, adding, "I have to really see what he's wearing, I have no idea."

I mean, he could've done more than a Dickies zip up jacket, but the thought behind it is seriously adorable:

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If you're dying to see that super-tight corset in action, or just want to get a closer look at Kim during her downtime, this video is a must-watch. It made me love her personality even more, and I'm basically convinced no future Met Gala look can ever top this Mugler masterpiece. Bravo.