7 Friends To Break Up With RN, Because We All Need To Do Some Summer Cleaning

Sometimes, summer cleaning isn't all about getting rid of old textbooks and washing our cars for the first time in months. Sure, all of that laundry from last semester needs to get done at some point, but did you ever think of picking up the other parts of your life? Truth is, the sunniest season of the year is a great time to do some soul-searching. Your schedule is a lot less packed, so you need to make yourself a priority. When you're organizing, you may want to consider the types of friends you should break up with along the way. Some people are making your life more complicated than it has to be.

These are the ones who tear you down instead of lifting you up. They've caused you a lot of stress, or just completely lowered your self-esteem, and honestly, that's not how friendships should go. Especially in your 20s, you need to surround yourself with a girl gang that lets you live your best life. Like any relationship, if it doesn't bring out the brightest parts in you, it's not worth it.

Sure, friendship breakups can be brutal, and you never quite know what to expect. But, in the long run, having not-so-toxic people in your life will pay off. You'll realize that you're healthier and happier, and sometimes it's OK to look out for yourself like that. These seven friends you may want to take out of your equation when you're doing some summer cleaning.

The Materialistic One

I love shopping as much as the next one, but the materialistic friend is on an entirely different level. This is the girl who cares way more about her stuff than the people in her life. She probably puts way too much focus on doing what's trendy and cool, and somehow gets all of your friends to spend more money than they were planning on. Your bank account just can't do it anymore! It's time to wipe the slate clean on this one.

The Braggy One

The girl who brags all the time isn't doing you any favors. In fact, she probably bugs you on the reg because you can't get through a conversation without her talking about herself. It would be one thing if she was just pulling on her own experiences so that she could relate to yours and be a bit more understanding. But, she's genuinely just gloating the majority of the time and won't let anyone forget about her exotic trips or the size of her paycheck. No thanks.

The Drama Queen

The drama queen in your friend crew likely hasn't left high school. She loves staying in touch with all the latest gossip, and just can't get enough of stirring the pot. When it comes to situations that probably didn't need to be a big deal, she has really ruffled some feathers. You've found that your friend crew has become a lot less trusting because of it, and you always have to watch your back for a potential issue. Honestly, with everything you have going on in life, being friends with this person is a full-time job you don't need.

The Passive Aggressive One

We can all be a little petty sometimes. (Guilty.) But, please break up with the friend who gets passive aggressive over just about everything. This is the girl who will never let you live down that one coffee date you had to miss out on, and holds grudges like there's no tomorrow. Personally, I've always thought that was a major waste of time and energy, and odds are, you're drained trying to keep her happy. Do yourself a favor, and break up with this girl, OK?

The Overbearing One

Your life is totally up to you to live. So, if you have a friend who's completely overbearing, maybe consider a breakup this summer. This is the girl who thinks she always knows what's best for you. It's hard, because her intentions are so good. She truly just wants to see you happy and successful. But, no matter how many times you tell her to back down a bit, she still just goes about it the wrong way.

She'll try and make your decisions for you, and tear down your self-esteem in the process. For the sake of you and your confidence, don't entertain this one any longer. Choose yourself and some much-needed "me" time instead.

The Distrusting One

Trust goes both ways in any kind of relationship. You've probably heard by now that next to communication, it's key to build a solid foundation with another person. If you have a friend you just can't seem to trust you, then maybe consider going separate ways. You don't want to come across like you're ditching her, but maybe explain that you're tired of second-guessed everywhere you go.

You'll hang out with other people, and she'll immediately get jealous and assume you're talking behind her back. Ensure her that you're loyal, but also may need to leave her behind if this pattern continues, because it's just not healthy for either of you.

The Know-It-All

There's nobody that truly knows it all. So, if there's a girl in your group who literally can't be wrong or ever make mistakes, please do some cleansing this summer. She honestly makes you want to scream sometimes, because she'll always fact-check what you say and needs to be the best at everything. Sure, her ambition is really good and you've probably learned a lot over the years, but it gets tiring when every sentence you say isn't quite enough in her eyes.

Summer is time to get relaxed and recharged, and sometimes that goes beyond the beach and into the aspects your lifestyle, like your friends.