ARMYs Are Swooning Over Jungkook's Skinny Jeans During BTS' HomeFest Performance

Courtesy of BTS on YouTube

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, talk shows have been experimenting with new formats to avoid large gatherings of people in the live studio. Some hosts have still been appearing on set, except with no audience, while others have taken their shows to their home. On Monday, March 30, CBS premiered Homefest: James Corden’s Late Late Show Special featuring musical guests performing from their homes all around the world. The tweets about BTS' HomeFest performance on The Late Late Show prove it was was undoubtedly one of the most highly-anticipated ones of the night, and for good reason.

The group's performance marks their third Late Late Show appearance within two months. Following their debut television performance of "Black Swan" on Jan. 28, BTS returned to the show on Feb. 25 for Carpool Karaoke. ARMY loved seeing BTS' bromance with Corden blossom on screen, and couldn't wait for the day the stars reunited again. That reunion came sooner than expected, because on March 30, BTS performed as part of the Late Late Show's primetime special. Fans didn't know what to expect other than their performance would be shot from South Korea.

In the end, BTS performed their hit song "Boy With Luv" from their iconic practice room. Besides their choreography and vocals being totally on point, as soon as the boys appeared on the screen, ARMYs quickly flooded Twitter with praise for how good Jungkook looked in the black skinny jeans he wore. Check out the full performance below and then scroll to find out what fans are saying.

BTS' HomeFest performance of "Boy With Luv" was definitely a must-watch for all the right reasons, and now it's more clear than ever that ARMYs stan Jungkook in skinny jeans. The joy BTS brought was definitely what fans needed at the moment.

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