Twitter Is Digging Halsey's Adorable Chemistry With BTS In Their Epic "Boy With Luv" Video

by Jamie LeeLo

I don't know what is a bigger deal right now — BTS' "Boy With Luv" music video or the tweets about BTS' "Boy With Luv" music video. One is blowing up the music industry while the other is blowing up my social media feed. The highly anticipated music video phenomenon just dropped and ARMYs are devouring it online as they comb the video frame by frame. Sure, everyone loves listening to BTS, but it's so much fun to watch them.

Big Hit Entertainment and BTS really revved up the hype for the new music video when they dropped a teaser for it on Sunday, April 7. While J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V always do the damn thing in their productions, the teaser revealed "Boy With Luv" also features singer Halsey, which makes it that much more fun. The teaser did a great job making ARMYs sweat while they peeped the music video's bright colors and flashy lighting. Naturally, the full music video delivered that and so much more. It was released on April 12 and is everything I dreamed it would be (pink outfits, spectacular choreography, all of that colorful hair)! Plus, it has an old-school movie musical feel that will really make you smile.

Of course, Twitter is exploding with excitement. ARMYs are furiously refreshing their feeds to see what everyone is saying about the video masterpiece and weigh in with their own emotional reactions. And overall, Twitter is digging the boys' new song, new vocals, new choreo, and their new friendship with Halsey!

Some fans think Halsey is meant to represent fans, which is honestly a pretty good theiry (since she's an ARMY herself).

Fans were obviously drooling over the boys serving looks.

Overall, fans are just so proud about the new video, because it's that amazing.

The truth is, everything BTS seems to touch right now turns to gold. While I was admittedly late to the BTS party in the grand scheme of things, it's taken me no time to get caught up on how extreme this comeback album is. Map of the Soul: Persona is fraught with innuendo and deep intellectual/emotional messaging, which makes it perfect ARMY fodder. There's so much to analyze! So much to research! So much to obsess over!

Take the track titles "Jamias Vu" and "Dionysus," for example. Like, oh OK BTS. Sure. Just go ahead and name two of your seven songs something French and Greek and leave it to your fans to figure out why!

Meanwhile, lucky U.S.-based ARMYs are bracing themselves while BTS preps to bring their tour this way. Lucky for them, they can likely anticipate seeing "Boy With Luv" performed live. It will be fascinating to see which pieces of the music video translate to the stage! How will they do it without Halsey? Or, will Halsey be there? *Gasp!*

No doubt about it, the "Boy With Luv" music video is an immediate smash. I'll just let it play on repeat in the background while I pretend to adult for the rest of the day.