ARMY Twitter Is Decoding The Message Behind "Black Swan" & It's Getting Deep

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

It's comeback season for ARMYs, as BTS just released their first single off Map of the Soul: 7. BTS' comeback map, which they shared with fans on Jan. 8, listed all the important dates fans should know about, including their single's release date, but it didn't reveal the song's title. Now, fans finally have their answer, and these tweets about BTS' "Black Swan" show fans are thrilled and totally moved by the song and its message.

This comeback is shaping up to be BTS' biggest yet, as the guys are following a different schedule than their previous comebacks. First, BTS teased fans with their highly-anticipated comeback trailer starring Suga, "Interlude: Shadow." Then, BTS had "Connect BTS" events online, and in London and Berlin, which was something the group has never done before for their previous album releases.

Now, BTS shared the first single from their new album. FYI: This single is not the group's lead single this comeback. The lead single will actually drop alongside BTS' Map of the Soul: 7 on Feb. 21, followed by a music video on Feb. 28. Since that's still a few weeks away, fans are directing all their attention to "Black Swan." They can't get over the song's cool, but eerie, hip hop sound and its deep message, which is all about BTS' passion for music and how they never want to lose it.

Listen to "Black Swan" for yourself below.

To go along with the song, BTS released their "Black Swan" art film performed by the MN Dance Company. Fans think the film complements the track perfectly. Since the song itself is about one's passion for art, fans love how the video portrays the song's lyrics by having a group of dancers express their own passion.

Watch the "Black Swan" art film below.

Interestingly, earlier this week, BTS also launched their "Connect BTS" global art project, which involves the group funding various art projects around the globe to give local artists a platform to showcase their work to a bigger audience.

Clearly, the septet has deep respect for various art forms, and, like "Black Swan" implies, BTS are determined never to lose their own passion for music.