Truly's Summer Fridays calendar is colorful and includes 16 different flavors for summertime.

The Truly Summer Fridays Calendar Is Here To Kick Off Your Weekends

This year, you're kicking off summer with lots of backyard hangouts, and virtual happy hours. On the sunniest afternoons, you have a routine of logging off of work and putting on a bathing suit. When you want to sip something with notes of wild berries, lime, or lemon, you may go to your fridge and pull out a hard seltzer. Truly's Summer Fridays calendar is here, and it'll turn things up a notch by surprising you with a different flavor every week.

If you were getting bored with your routine or felt like your happy hour needed a little more pizazz for summertime, this calendar is a must. It's meant to keep you on your toes and give you something to look forward to — in addition to the never-ending sunbeams, picnic blanket snuggles with your pup, and catch-up sessions with your besties. Whatever kind of weekly tradition you decide to start for the upcoming months — like an exciting virtual scavenger hunt every Thursday at 3 p.m., or a solo pool party every Monday at 5 p.m. — it'll provide a drink for you to enjoy.

The only things you'll need to bring are good vibes and a few complementary snacks such as pretzels, slices of watermelon, or a bowl of guacamole and bag of crunchy tortilla chips. Are you convinced you need one of Truly's Summer Fridays calendars? Um, same. Let's get into everything you need to know.

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First up, Truly Hard Seltzer paired up with GiveThemBeer.com in order to bring this unique product to you. The collaboration lets you and your friends enjoy a variety of the hard seltzer you've come to know and love, and includes 16 different Truly flavors in total. Each can is hidden within the calendar, which has 16 slots. To reveal the flavor and enjoy a tasty seltzer, you just have to open the next slot and see what's waiting for you on the other side.

If you and your BFFs are having weekly happy hours this summer, it may be fun to experience this calendar together. Opening slots over Zoom or FaceTime may be a sweet way to kick off your calls, and get everybody in #celebrationmode despite tuning in from their own backyards. If one of your friends reveals a flavor you've never heard of or tried before, you're likely going to be even more excited to crack open a seltzer on the next call. You may ask what their rating of it is and then compare notes if you get to try it, too.

Truly Hard Seltzer

Of course, you both need Truly's Summer Fridays calendar for this, so you'll want to head over to GiveThemBeer.com, where the calenders will be sold for $39 each. You can purchase your own there, and get one and send it to your BFF. According to the product description, they'll be shipped out and available for delivery in late May — right in time for any at-home summer kick-offs you have planned.

Don't waste a second placing your order, though. This colorful and tasty calendar won't last forever, and there's only a limited amount for sale. It may be a good idea to head over to the site ASAP to reserve one for you and your BFF now, so you can sip on Truly later.