The Top Spring Eye Makeup Trends Are Big & Bold, So Get Ready To Smize This Season

Spring has almost officially sprung, people, and with that, it's safe to say our staple beauty looks could use a refresh. During the cold winter months, it's tempting to play it safe and rely on old favorites so we know our eye looks can withstand a freak gust of eye-watering wind or an unexpected snowfall, but now that the seasons are changing, it's time to revamp and try out a few new leaks. Who's with me? I've asked some of my favorite makeup artists to spill on what they think are bound to be the best eye makeup trends for spring 2019, and if their predictions are correct, we're in for some bold, beautiful smizing. Read on for their top trends as well as some product recommendations and tips on how to nail the techniques.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to eye makeup, but it feels like practically everybody will be rocking the following trends over the next few months, so let's do a quick rundown before we talk specifics. First, rosy tones will replace traditionally bronzy neutrals, and to amp up simple shimmer, a gloss-like sheen will take center stage. Next, color is back in a big way, but I'm not talking all-over brights; think pops of bright liner, colored lash lines, and maybe even rainbow mascara. Finally, night-out eyes will get an upgrade with kohl-covered waterlines for that smokey, hazy look, or else decked out in chunky glitter that's now deemed acceptable whether or not you're festival-bound. Sounds exciting, right? My lids are ready.

A Wearable Gloss

"For spring, think sparkly glimmer and icy glow for you lid, says Marie-Josée Leduc, makeup artist and founder of French skincare brand Odiele. Her favorite colorway? "A rosy-to-peach 'wet-look lid' like we see in fashion editorials or runway shows, without of course the messiness of a eye gloss."

My personal favorite way to nail this look is by swiping the Jill Stuart Beauty Twinkle Glow Multi Stick ($27,, either straight from the stick or by putting some product on your fingers and dabbing onto your lid, overtop a pinky eyeshadow. The result is a luminous, wet-looking sheen that will make even the most highlighted cheekbones look dull.

Colorful Accents

For spring 2019 trends, I think we’re going to see a focus more on skin and less on a heavy eye," says makeup artist Neil Scibelli, who notes that eyes will rely on details in every formula and shade of the rainbow to stand out, instead of being drenched in all-over color. "Neutral or nude eyeshadows will be trending, paired with a pop of color on the eyes, instead of covering the entire lid with color. We’re seeing accents of colors like pinks, purples and blues, whether they be in the form of a liner, colored mascara, or even loose eye pigment."

Not into investing in a color wheel's worth of vivid products? Just in time, the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette drops March 4, and contains 14 colorful shades, so you can smoke out your lashline with some metallic sky blue, spice up your outer corner with a matte hot pink, and more without having to splurge on a variety of different pigments.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Negative Space, Positive Results

"Negative space liner is a graphic effect that feels a little futuristic and a a little bit retro," explains Emmy-winning makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor. It's like a 1940s pinup in outer space." Plus, you can be way more creative than if you're just carving a basic cat eye. "I like the trend because it's a spin on the overplayed winged liner look," agrees Sotomayor, "I'm so over winged liquid liner at this point ('Point', see what I did there? Pointy liner?), not because it's not still pretty, but because I think we should feel free to wear all sorts of makeup looks and not just the ones that suit specific eye shapes."

If you want a liner that gives you some playful options so as to combine the negative space look with the colorful accents trend, the ColourPop BFF Liquid Liners ($8 apiece, come in five fun shades, plus classic black and stark white. My favorite has to be "Ducky," a very on-trend bubblegum pink.

Smoky, Hazy Kohl

"Remember your mom or older sister meticulously lining her waterline with black kohl?" asks makeup artist Mickey Williams. "Well, now it's your turn. The deep, dark, contrasting look is back, with some hazy shadow to compliment it." Consider this specific smokey eye recipe your new night-out go-to. "Take a rich black liner and layer on inner water lines from corner to corner. After, smudge a bronze shadow under the eye and about half way over the eyelid. Finally take gold shadow and blend it just past the crease and slightly outlining the bronze on the lower eye. It will create a haze, or ombre looking effect."

A quick and easy eye, and it doesn't have to break the bank, either. "This creates a super sexy look and can work with most shadows as long as you keep the liner nice and dark," says Williams. Try a combo of drugstore raves like Revlon's ColorStay 2 in 1 Angled Kajal Eyeliner ($9, and their ColorStay Look Book Eye Shadow Palette in "Maverick" ($10, for those bronzy gold tones.

Shimmer Chunks

"Gold flakes and chunky glitter were also a common sight on runways for 2019, but may be a bit of work to pull off at the office or a bit much for dinner with friends," says Williams. If a sparkle party is your speed, however, look no further than the Smith & Cult Glitter Shots ($22,, translucent, shimmery pastes packed with glitter particles of all shapes and sizes that you can smear across your lids for heavy drama, or dab long your cheekbones (and everywhere else) when festival season comes around. Voila.