The Spiritual Meaning Of The Flower Moon Is About Connecting To Source

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Flower Moon Will Make You Dig Deep

by Valerie Mesa

Majestic and ever-changing, the moon waxes and wanes, and so does your emotional world. The moon's mysterious phases are a reflection of the circle of life, but if you tune into its divine frequency, you'll also note that as the moons cycles change, so does your own life cycle. And as the Flower Moon — the final supermoon of 2020 — takes place on May 7, you'll also embark on a journey back to the self, making the spiritual meaning of the Super Flower Moon that much more potent.

Every full moon has its own unique essence and symbolism, and its meaning all depends on which zodiac signs the sun and moon are traveling through. Because they sit directly opposite one another during the full moon phase, this gives you perspective on where you need to establish a healthy balance. During the May 7 Super Flower Moon — the final supermoon of 2020 — the sun will beam through stability-seeking Taurus which, in turn, fully illuminates the moon in mysterious Scorpio. Typically, both of these energies complement the other: the sun being the ego and physical identity, and the moon being one's inner instincts and emotional foundation. With the sun in Taurus and the moon in Scorpio, however, the energetic theme of the Super Flower Moon has everything to do with life versus death, as both of these zodiac archetypes represent the circe of life.

Have you ever noticed how everything somehow feels more intense than usual during a full moon? That's because nothing that happens during this time is coincidence — both the sun and the moon naturally emanate a powerful frequency capable of influencing the ocean tides and the water within our bodies. The moon is a powerful force indeed.

Scorpio And Its Notorious Zodiac Archetype


Just like the sensually driven sign Taurus, Pluto-ruled Scorpio is also a fixed sign. Its smoldering fixed waters can remain emotionally invested while maintaining an intense level of intimacy in all situations. Ruled by Pluto — Lord of the Underworld, and the planet of death, power, and transformation — Scorpio is a representation of the unavoidable bits of darkness that exist in everyone's life. It's everything buried beneath the surface, and in the darkest corners of our psyche. All things related to debt, witchcraft, the occult, along with everything taboo, belongs to Scorpio. With all this coming to the surface, can you imagine the effects of the upcoming Super Flower Moon yet?

While many people feel intimidated by the penetrating essence of Scorpio, its celestial season and annual full moon serve as reminders to surrender to the shadow, because this is precisely where your power lies. Everything starts with confronting your fears, both conscious and unconscious. Just like the lunar cycle and the circle of life, your infinite spirit is ever-evolving and transforming, so there's nothing to be afraid of. Both the light and the dark already exist within you, and the essence of Scorpio is here to help you become acquainted with them.

The Flower Moon: May 7, 2020 At 6:45 A.M. ET

What makes this full moon, Super Flower Moon in Scorpio that much more interesting is the fact that its celestial ruler, Pluto, will already be retrograde, which only intensifies the energy of this lunation. Full moons bring things to light; they're a symbol of spiritual completion. Potent and celebratory, the full moon typically comes with a powerful culmination, and in Scorpio, your grand finale so to speak, will revolve around Plutonian themes of power and transformation.

Think back to the new moon in Scorpio in October 2019. What has come to fruition since? Another way to get more clarity on the effects of this lunation is by checking where Scorpio is located on your birth chart. The astrological house where it resided can help determine the overall theme of this cycle for you. Next, check where Capricorn is located, as this is where both Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) and Jupiter are transiting through alongside one another.