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There's A Surprise Waiting For You In Your New Moon In Scorpio Horoscope

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You're on the verge of another beginning and power awaits you at the finish line. During this phase of the lunar cycle, you're encouraged to let go and let in. What energy do you want to bring into your life? What do you want to manifest? Whether you're consciously aware of it, the universe is pulling you in the right direction, and your new moon in Scorpio 2019 horoscope will tell you where you're headed.

Taking place on Oct. 27 at 11:38 p.m. ET, this new moon lands in power hungry, seductive, strategic, and deeply emotional Scorpio. This zodiac sign doesn't care about what lies on the surface. Instead, it's always aiming to dig deeper and get to the core of a situation. Scorpio is willing to face the true darkness of something, so get ready for secrets to be revealed and for your innate strength to blossom and bloom.

There's a surprise waiting for you on this new moon and it may throw you for a loop. Forming an opposition with electric and unpredictable Uranus, this new moon could launch you down a path you were never prepared to take. There may be unexpected ideas and strange new shifts, so try not to control an outcome that doesn't want to be controlled. The cosmos are brewing something special and inspirational. This new moon knows what's best for you, even though you may not realize it. Connecting with the North Node in Cancer, this new moon is bringing you closer to your ultimate destiny and guiding you toward the person you're meant to be.

Where are you headed next? Read on to find out:



You're shedding your skin like a snake and slithering into a new era of life. It's time to settle your debts, both emotional and financial. You may deepen your intimacy with someone else in a profound and unexpected way. Don't be afraid of being vulnerable about your desires. Be honest with yourself.


Your partnerships are taking you in a direction you may not have expected. Whether you're ending your commitment to someone, launching into a romance with someone new, or deepening a relationship with someone you're already with, this shift is taking you exactly where you're meant to be.


You're learning how to spice up your routine and get your work done in a passionate and consistent way. Embrace unexpected twists and turns in your day-to-day, as there may be something to learn from an opportunity that deviates from your norm. Commit to a new and improved way of life.


You're on the verge of a thrilling, exciting, and romantic ride. Unleash your desires and your creative inclinations on the world. Free yourself up to make art the way you did when you were a child. Fall in love as though you've never been in love before. You deserve to feel happy. Embrace it.



There may be shifts in your home life that are uncomfortable at first, but bring you closer to your own heart. Whether a relationship with a family member changes, your home situation urges you to transform, or you simply clean your living space, you're being honest with yourself about what you need.


It's time to have a conversation that changes everything. You may be told something completely surprising, or ready to drop a truth bomb that shocks the world. You're learning new things and this knowledge has the capacity to take you far. Don't be afraid to talk so someone who intimidates you.


Your financial state is in transformation. You may begin a path toward accumulating more wealth, or experiencing a possible loss that causes you to view abundance in a different light. You're learning how to work for what you deserve, as well as feel secure with what you have. You are already abundant.


You're becoming a new and improved version of yourself. Stop letting your mistakes from your past dictate the way you see yourself. You are so much more than your past and you're forgiving yourself for what you cannot change. Look to the here and now; look to the future; look to what you can control.



You're launching a process of deep healing and you may be surprised by what wounds from your past are still haunting you. Take time to feel whatever it is you're feeling. It's the only way you'll come to terms with the past and move on. But for now, allow yourself to feel. Completion is coming.


You have the power to make your hopes and dreams a reality. Find a cause, a purpose, or an idea. Make sure that idea has the power to change the world. Then, do whatever it takes to make it happen. Don't let obstacles stand in your way or get discouraged. You have more power than you know.


Quit hiding in the shadows, stand up for yourself, and let the world see whatever it is that you're working on. There may be rejections along the way and people may ignore you. But the right ones, the ones who have the power to bring you so much success, are out there. You can't win if you don't play.


It's time to let go of your desire for a certain result. It's time to let go of your fear of the unknown. Life is meant to be lived and you won't live it if you're sticking to the rules and holding yourself back. There's an adventure waiting for you and it's coming at you fast. Make sure you're paying attention.

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