Young woman in Halloween witch costume for your Scorpio season 2019 horoscope.

Your Scorpio Season Horoscope Is All About Embracing Your Dark Side

by Valerie Mesa

Scorpio is a combination of both extremes; it is the lightest light and the darkest dark. Governed by hypnotic Pluto — aka Hades, Lord of the Underworld, planet of sex, death, and spiritual transformation — your Scorpio season 2019 horoscope has everything to do with embracing your shadow side and reclaiming your power. The divine order of the zodiac wheel is everything you need to understand each zodiac archetype, along with its celestial symbolism. Think about it: Libra season revolves around compromise and relationships; therefore, once Scorpio season rolls around, you're ready to surrender and fully merge with another mind, body, and soul.

Let's say you're at a point in your life where you're not really looking for an intimate relationship, but instead can't help but notice the intense amount of changes happening to you at a personal level. This is where the Plutonian essence of Scorpio makes itself known, and it's important for you to let go of any doubts. Scorpio season is always cathartic; it's similar to the full moon in the sense that it's incredibly climactic and revealing. What parts of you are you ready to let go of? Consider this your very own Black Swan moment, compliments of the cosmos.

Wondering what Scorpio season has in store for you? Here's what you can expect, per your zodiac sign:


Aries: You're Being Challenged To Surrender

Your sense of authority is being challenged this month, Aries. You don't always have to be in charge, you know. This is giving you a chance to level up, both personally and professionally. Whether it be something revolving around career or your authority figures, it's important for you to take a step back, and reevaluate your one-on-one relationships. This is especially true for you once Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween, because you'll more than likely experience revealing truths firsthand. Balance is everything; find a happy medium between what you give and take.

Taurus: Your Relationships Are Being Tested

This is a pivotal moment, Taurus. The sun, Mercury, and Venus are activating polar opposite Scorpio this season, so you will definitely be out of your comfort zone. More importantly, your one-on-one partnerships are being put under a magnifying glass; themes of "me vs. we," along with your ability to compromise within the relationship — and vice versa — will be top of mind, especially during the full moon in your sign. Moreover, some of you might decide to move forward with an exciting business venture, so make sure you set the necessary boundaries. With non-committal Uranus in your sign, your freedom of expression is essential.

Gemini: You're Putting In The Work

Play less and work harder, Gemini. Whether you've been entertaining the idea of starting a new health routine or wondering how you can make the most out of your current work schedule, Scorpio season is here to help you level up. As you know, nothing's coincidence and the new moon in Scorpio is the perfect opportunity for you to regain your confidence. Also, with powerful Pluto — Scorpio's planetary ruler — traveling through your suspicious eighth house of intimacy and transformation, alongside Saturn and the South Node, there's really no holding back. In the end, this season is all about mindfulness; declutter your life and tend to your well-being.

Cancer: You're Stepping Into Your Power

This season is pretty celebratory for you, Cancer. Aside from the fun fact that there will be three heavenly bodies activating your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and authenticity this season, you're finally stepping up to the plate on the career front. The new moon in Scorpio could also bring unexpected news in regard to a passion project or group collaboration. If you're an artist or an entertainer, this lunation could bring exciting opportunities, so keep your eyes peeled. Your authenticity is your superpower, so make sure you're integrating these parts of you with your current partnerships. Also beware of toxicity, manipulation, and energy vampires; protect your energy at all costs.

Leo: You're Tending To Your Personal Life


It's time to look inward, Leo. Scorpio season is your nesting season, because it activates your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional security. I know you'd much rather focus on the happy-go-lucky side of things, but Scorpio won't have any of that. On the contrary, this season is all about the hidden truths existing within your personal life. The new moon in Scorpio will oppose revolutionary Uranus via your ambitious 10th house of career, which will likely put a spotlight on your work-life balance. What needs to change? Have you set the necessary boundaries? Nevertheless, this is an excellent time to go house hunting if you're looking to relocate.

Virgo: You're Feeling Productive

Jot that down on your calendar, Virgo. The sun, Mercury, and Venus are heating up your third house of communication and immediate circles this month, so you'll be focusing on your social calendar and deadlines. Looking for ways to spread the word? Scorpio's powerful planetary ruler, Pluto, is restructuring you and challenging your ego as we speak. What's stopping you from executing that exciting passion project you've had in the works? Scorpio season is here to give you a brand-new perspective, but it's ultimately up to you. This area of your chart also revolves around technology and community efforts, so this could bring an important conversation, or perhaps even a contract. Double and triple check everything. Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween, so reading between the lines is necessary.

Libra: You're Doing What Makes You Feel Secure

This season feels like a new chapter for you, Libra. With three heavenly bodies shaking up your comfort-seeking second house of finances, you'll become a slave to your Venusian desires in no time. This area of your chart also has a lot to do with the unique gifts you possess, along with your self-worth, so feel free to take some much-needed time for yourself. The new moon in Scorpio will activate this area of your chart while opposing electric Uranus via your eighth house of sex and shared resources. How much is too much? Are your emotional and financial needs being met? Make sure you're being compensated for all of your efforts, too.

Scorpio: You're Making A Fierce Comeback

Cheers to another trip around the sun, Scorpio. Seriously, when was the last time you felt this alive? With three heavenly bodies energizing and revitalizing you for the first half of your sultry birthday season, you'll be ready to take over the world, and look good while doing it, too. Your powerful ruling planet is finally direct, and that in itself made all the difference in the world. Although, given that Pluto's still hovering over your communication sector — while making a challenging aspect to your co-ruler, Mars — there could be a few conversations that need to be had before you're completely in the clear. The new moon in your sign will be swirling with exciting new beginnings, some of which could revolve around your current health habits.

Sagittarius: You're Trying To Stay Low Key


It's time for a much-needed break, Sagittarius. Scorpio season will activate your sleepy 12th house of dreams, closure, and all things behind the scenes, so if you're feeling overworked or more introverted than usual, don't stress it. Instead, take advantage of this restful season, and recharge your batteries before your birthday season kicks off. If you've been feeling restless, or pondering the idea of how to make your day-to-day life less hectic, the new moon in Scorpio could bring you the answers you've so desperately been waiting for. Either way, especially with Mercury retrograde via this area of your chart, it's important to stop and reflect on whatever's been making you feel limited as of late.

Capricorn: You're Networking Your Heart Out

Don't be afraid to make a new friend, Capricorn. After all, sometimes it isn't about everything you know, but instead about who you know. Nevertheless, with the sun, Mercury, and Venus activating your 11th house of friendships and extended networks, you'll be ready to set up your OOO automatic response, and head to that Halloween happy hour with your coworker besties. The new moon in Scorpio will shake up this area of your chart, along with your expressive fifth house of center stage, compliments of rebellious Uranus, of course. This is an excellent time to launch a passion project via social media, or perhaps collaborate with kindred spirit or two. Just make sure you do this before Mercury stations retrograde on Oct. 31, OK?

Aquarius: You're Making Big Moves

What's up your sleeve this season, Aquarius? The sun, Mercury, and Venus are dazzling your ambitious 10th house of career, legacy, and authority figures, and you're ready to take charge of your professional life. Whether you've been brainstorming something you think might be of interest to your higher-ups, or looking for more structure in the workplace, now is the time to take full ownership of your current objectives. However, the new moon in Scorpio will beam directly through this area of your chart, while opposing your electric planetary ruler, so make sure to keep an open mind during this time. Uranus is chaotic and via your domestic fourth house of home, this lunation could very well present you with an important decision to be made, regarding your home vs. career.

Pisces: You're Taking Necessary Risks

The limit does not exist, Pisces. This is especially true throughout this Pluto-ruled season, as the sun, Mercury, and Venus will be shaking up your expansive ninth house of faith, education, travel, and opportunity. I know it's hard to be realistic, especially with those rose-colored glasses you refuse to take off, but luckily for you, this season will bring deep clarity in regard to the bigger picture. What do your long-term goals look like? Libra season felt a bit heavy, so feel free to take off on a much-needed adventure this season, Pisces. The new moon in Scorpio will beam directly through this area of your chart, while opposing rebellious Uranus via your third house of communication. This could bring unexpected news, or perhaps even a shocking opportunity, so expect the unexpected. Also, make sure to double and triple check your travel itinerary during Mercury retrograde. #JustSayin