7 Things The Single Friend In The Crew Really Wants To Clue You In On

Romantic comedies and Disney movies have set the standards pretty high for relationships. From the days of Cinderella and her pumpkin that turned into a carriage, many of us have been daydreaming of finding our very own fairy tale ending. The Notebook has us believing in soulmates, and The Holiday makes falling in love on a getaway seem so romantic. One day, you'll quite possibly find "the one." But right now, you're the single friend in your crew, and that's totally OK. You just want to clue your people in on a few things, before they assume that you've signed off on love.

The girl who's single can see why her friends might not look at her life with the same rose-colored glasses. Truth is, though, she's always staying true to herself and she's totally happy with her life. Being single could easily make you cynical about the real world, but this girl knows that she's still surrounded with so much beauty. You could say the grass is always greener on the other side, or choose to bloom beautifully right where you're planted. Don't assume that this girl isn't happy just because she's not seeing someone — and take these five hints from the single girl, too.

She's Always Down For Adventure

She's not searching for her soulmate. Instead, she's finding adventure in every aspect of her life. When you're single, you're not tied down to any place or person, so you can follow your wanderlust wherever you want. This girl has considered taking a solo trip, or using a long weekend to hit the road with her crew. Being spontaneous is her style, and she won't let anything stand in the way of an experience.

You could honestly go to her with your wildest dreams, and she'd be happy to come along for the ride. Her besties are her favorite travel buddies, and the ones who have been around since day one. So, making memories with them and not a significant other is what she's all about.

She's Not Lonely

This girl is as independent as ever. There's something to be said for being confident in your inner compass, and being single means learning to be comfortable in your solitude. It's not that the world is forcing you to be alone. But, you do find yourself focusing on what you want and often follow your own two feet instead of the crowd.

The single girl is constantly surrounding herself with friends and the most important people in her life. Making memories when you're single is still so fun, and she'd rather share all of her best moments with you and the crew. One day, she'll tell her significant other, "You just had to be there!"

She's Not Going To Settle

Knowing your worth means that you never settle for anything or anyone. The single girl in your crew wants you to know that all her self-love has been put to good use, and that she's navigating the dating scene better than ever. She could fall head-over-heels into a relationship for all the wrong reasons, but she knows that waiting for the right one is always better in the long run.

She'll daydream about relationships, and loves hearing a few stories about you and your bae. Third-wheeling isn't always so bad, and she's content knowing her life is pretty fab just the way it is.

She's Still Figuring Her Life Out

Figuring out what you want out of life when you're 20-something is tough. The single girl in your crew wants you to know that she's still putting the pieces of the puzzle together, too. Especially in relationships, you want to make sure you're not settling for something that's not the right fit. This girl is seriously in no rush to finish her soul-searching, and knows that everything happens for a reason. Living for the future and having a five-year plan just isn't her style right now, and that's totally OK.

She's Positive

Staying positive isn't always easy when you're surrounded by people who seemingly hate being single. But, this girl is sticking to her positive mindset. She's optimistic that the universe will hand her the right opportunities, and she tries to always put her best foot forward. Being pushy or even cynical never leaves a good first impression, anyway.

People can be so quick to judge the girl who's single, and they may assume she's lonely or isn't ready for a relationship. She doesn't let those negative thoughts and vibes get to her, and deals with all the drama, too. She'll cheer you and your significant other on from the sidelines, and treat herself on Valentine's Day as well.

One day, this girl's life might be like a romantic comedy and she'll be getting swept off her feet in Grand Central Station. But for now, she just doesn't want you to assume anything about her life. So, please pick up on her clues.