The Psychology Behind Summer Weddings, According To Science & History

by Ginny Hogan

Summer weddings seem beyond romantic — the flowers, the water, the sunlight. Plus, people are taking more vacation days anyway, so it's easier for your guests to come. But maybe there's more to it than convenience — maybe humans are hard-wired to want to marry in the summer. I wanted to know the psychology behind summer weddings, so I did some research for you. It turns out that sun isn't the only reason your calendar might be filled with wedding invites this summer. There's a whole lot more going on behind that summer wedding choice, and I got the information.

History can shed some light on why people choose summer weddings. The tradition of June marriage actually dates back to Ancient Rome. On June 1, Romans celebrated the deities Juno and Jupiter, the goddess of marriage and childbirth. The dearth of flowers also led to an uptick of weddings in Victorian times — not only were they beautiful, but they also hid body odor, according to Huffington Post. So maybe when you plan your dream wedding in the summer, it could be because you're subconsciously doing as your ancestors would have done. Additionally, once something is part of tradition because it's been done throughout history, it becomes embedded in your brain, according to This connection can lead you to fantasize about summer nuptials. Historical traditions might shed some light on why we choose to wed in the summer.

Nate & Amanda Howard/Stocksy

Summer subconsciously tells your brain that it's time to relax, and this relaxation might lead you to plan a wedding during the hot months. Of course, anyone who's ever planned a wedding knows that it's anything but stress-free, but that doesn't mean you don't want your guests to feel relaxed at the wedding. According to NBC, being at the beach sends a signal to your brain that it's time to relax. If you're looking to have a wedding that guests remember as fun, romantic, and relaxing, you might choose summer because you know everyone will be in higher spirits. And, after all, you deserve a wedding that guests remember for years to come.

A wedding is a ritual, and the summer can be a more relaxing time to engage in rituals. The point of rituals is to create stability, and having rituals like a wedding during the summer can help people feel like they're landing on solid ground. According to Mic, weddings represent transition, and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed in times of transition, so having a big ceremony can help people feel stable. Wedding in the summer months when everyone is more relaxed and more likely to be on vacation adds to the stability, so it can help the couple getting married find a sense of calm. As stressful as weddings can be to plan, they actually do provide an anchor, according to Mic. Psychologically, having a wedding in the summer adds to your sense of stability about the marriage.

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Summer is associated with joy, and this makes it a popular choice for wedding season. According to, there's a joy people feel in the summer that makes it the perfect time for weddings. It's no secret that the weather affects people's moods, but beyond just the temperature, the bright, beautiful flowers of summer get people in the mood to get married. Additionally, people still associate summer with a break from school, and this creates positive feelings about summer, even many years after graduating. Many people picture their dream weddings in the summer because it's the time they imagine themselves at their happiest, so they plan accordingly for the big day. If you associate summer with happiness, you're not alone, and you may choose to have your wedding in the hottest season.

Summer is a time for celebration. When I was a child, I'd get out for summer vacation and think I had the whole world in front of me (and I did, especially because most of the "world" I wanted was Calvin and Hobbes books). Even as an adult, I've maintained that sense of excitement, adventure, and relaxation when summer rolls around (although I no longer have summers off, sadly). There are many psychological reasons you might be looking forward to a summer wedding, and if you are getting married this summer, congratulations — enjoy the flowers!