Kim K's CBD-Themed Baby Shower Was Chill & Extra AF At The Same Time

by Jamie LeeLo
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ugh. Kim Kardashian would throw the most chill baby shower ever. And by most chill, I mean chillllesssst. Your main girl celebrated her fourth incoming baby by creating a CBD-infused party for the books. The photos of Kim Kardashian's CBD-themed baby shower make me more jealous of the famous iconic reality TV star than I've ever been before, which is really saying something. From here, it looks like guests walked away with so much zen swag, they could put traditional talk-therapists out of business.

Fans might be surprised to hear that the famously substance-free star chose this as her shower theme, but if you've done just the smallest amount of research on CBD, it makes sense. The miracle extract is rapidly sweeping the nation and growing in popularity thanks to its wide range of healing properties.

CBD comes from the cannabis plant but lacks the psychoactive properties that come along with getting high in the traditional sense. The psycho-activity part of weed is thanks to CBD's cannabinoid sister, THC, which is what makes you feel high. It has something to do with how the cannabinoids react with receptors in your body. When extracted, CBD works in a number of impressive ways including its ability to reduce inflammation, ease chronic pain and fatigue, and relieve stress. You can consume it in things like tea or candy gummies or use it topically in oils and lotions.

It's, in a word, bomb. You get all the "feel goods" of weed without the weird trip, so you can sign me and Kim Kardashian right up.

Based on videos and photos snapped at Kim's shower, the whole "stress relief" piece of CBD was Kim's biggest motive. Guests had the opportunity to make their own CBD-infused bath salts, oils, and flower arrangements, and participate in a short sound bath meditation. Based on other videos and photos, they were also treated to mini CBD-infused foot massages and more.

Check out some of these pics posted by Kim and her guests:

Instagram/Jen Atkin
Instagram/Jen Atkin
Instagram/Kim Kardashian West
Instagram/Jen Atkin

Kim was filmed draped in a neutral, soft looking fabric explaining the inspiration behind the baby shower. Her friends were peacefully lounging around her on their own individual yoga mats waiting for the sound bath to begin.

In one video, she explained that, initially, she thought it was silly to throw a fourth baby shower after already having three kids, but explained she is "stressed the f*ck out" about her impending little one and needed to relax.

She also admitted she has a hard time meditating, but hoped by hosting a zen, CBD-inspired party she and her guests could take a metaphorical chill pill together. "So have a puff or put on some oil!" she cheered.

As a cute bonus detail, it looks like Kim might have also set up a board for her guests to write down their baby-name guesses. This included her dad and brother's name, "Robert," which Kim previously teased she was considering.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

Based on the pictures, hopefully, this party has lingering "zen vibes" on Kim while she prepares to welcome her new son.

Congratulations, Kim!