The One Thing You Should Do Alone This Year, Based On Your Personality

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, it's always good to do some things alone. Sure, it may feel a little awkward at first. You may find yourself reaching for your phone to call your best friends. But, once you get used to being by yourself, you realize that it can be really rewarding. You begin to enjoy time spent "solo," and ditch the word "lonely" from your vocabularly. Where do you even begin, though? Don't worry, I've got you covered: The one thing to do alone this year is based solely on your personality. Ready, set, go!

First things first: Let's talk about what you can expect from doing more things alone. You learn to be present, and focus more on your own thoughts. You live by your own schedule, and become more confident with every decision that you need to make on your own. Picking out the toppings you want on your pizza, choosing a spot to lay out your towel on the beach, and deciding to sign up for that art or cooking class — it's all up to you. (Suddenly, you're asking yourself, "Am I an adult?" Not to completely throw you off-guard, but I think so!)

Now, if you're not sure where to start, know that that's totally normal and OK. This is all brand new. You just need one thing to do alone, that is perfect for your personality. The 4-1-1 on that is right here.

If You're Passionate, Sign Up To Do Volunteering
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Being a passionate person means that you have a lot of love and energy to give. You want to wake up and make someone else's day, or live your life like one big romantic comedy. Can you do that by yourself?

Sure! All you have to do this year is sign up and do some volunteering. Find a cause that you really care about and get involved with it, even if your best friends or the people you love aren't. Go to the events and fundraisers, and lend your helping hand. It'll truly make you feel good about how you're spending your time, while lifting up your community, too.

If You're Typically Shy, Treat Yourself To A Wine And Paint Night
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If you're on the shy side, doing something alone this year sounds like a treat. You're looking forward to not having to make conversation, and being able to spend some quality time with yourself. Truth is, you can't even remember the last time your schedule wasn't jam-packed with things to do and places to be. Ugh!

May I suggest going to a paint and wine bar, then? It's the relaxing and slightly social experience that you've been looking for. You might make a new friend after talking to the girl next to you and sharing some laughs, and get to come home with your own creation. (Honestly, sign me up! This sounds perfect to me.)

If You're Super Chill, Grab A Book And Have A Spa Day
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Your best friends and the people you love often describe you with one word: "chill." You're known to never get too worked up about anything, and don't get involved in any drama. That deserves a round of applause! *Cue the claps.* You're really doing what's best for you.

So, why not continue the good vibes into the one thing you should do alone this year? Grab some vanilla-scented candles, a book that you've been hoping to read, and pour yourself a bubble bath. It's a DIY spa day — a day of getting even more relaxed and refreshed, all by yourself.

If You're A Social Butterfly, See Your Favorite Band Play In Concert
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You're a social butterfly, which means that you likely don't often do things alone. On most occasions, you're surrounded by your best friends or the people you love, and can hardly imagine making memories without them.

But, you may also be ready to try something new — to dress up, go out on the town, and see your favorite band in concert. It's honestly the most ideal situation, because you'll be in a room full of people who appreciate your taste in music and know all the lyrics to the songs, too. You'll think to yourself, "Maybe doing some things alone isn't so bad, after all!"

If You're Outdoorsy And Adventurous, Go On A Road Trip
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As much as you love going on adventures with your best friends, this year, consider going on a road trip alone. It's a bucket list item that you have to check off, especially for a girl like you who loves the outdoors.

Let's be honest: You've always thought about traveling solo. You don't necessarily need to catch a flight to accomplish this, though. You can simply pack up your car with a bunch of good snacks and necessities, and check out a nearby national park or stay in an airstream for a few nights. Sweet!

If You're A Little Old-Fashioned, Take Yourself Out For A Meal
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Being old-fashioned means a few things. First, you tend to feel like you were born in the wrong decade. (The '80s, when they wore brightly-colored leggings and big hairdos, might have been a much better fit for you.) Second, you love the idea of going on traditional dates — grabbing a casual dinner and then seeing a movie.

You don't necessarily have to wait for someone else, though. Take yourself out for a meal this year, and get comfortable with eating alone. Notice everything that goes into making your food, and enjoy asking questions about the menu.

If You're Creative And #Artsy, Have A Photo Shoot By Yourself
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One of my favorite memories from this past summer was the photo shoot that I did by myself. I spent an afternoon in a field of flowers with my DSLR and a tripod, creating and setting up fun, summer-inspired shots. The #content I got is now all over my Instagram account.

Truth is, like you, I'm a very creative and artsy person. I could dedicate hours of my day to writing, painting, filming — you name it. The time isn't always there, though, unless you make it.

This year, clear your schedule every once in a while for your own photo shoot. Grab props or new equipment, and see if you can make some of your visions come to life. It's so rewarding if you do.

If You're Already Very Independent, Welcome A Fluffy Companion Into Your Home

If you're already very independent, then you're comfortable with doing things alone. You don't mind hanging in a coffee shop when it's busy, people-watching and sipping a cappuccino by the counter. And you always choose to do projects solo instead of in a group (where you inevitably complete the entire presentation).

If you are in a good point in your life to do so, consider adopting a fluffy companion this year. There are so many cats, dogs, and other pets looking for loving homes. Provide one! You'll love having a new best friend around and a fur baby to call your own.