The New 'Frozen 2' Trailer Takes Elsa On An Epic Journey To Learn About Her Powers


In its latest trailer for Frozen 2, it has never been more clear that Disney is transforming its classic princess tale into one of the animation studio's most epic fantasy quests ever. Fans have been waiting for another glimpse into Elsa and Anna's mysterious new journey since the unexpectedly epic first trailer dropped back in February, and now Disney has released an even more magical new trailer. The new Frozen 2 trailer reveals that the upcoming sequel will center on the magical mystery of how Elsa first received her ice powers.

The new trailer begins with the same oceanic scene that the first Frozen 2 trailer began with, but it expands on it even more. Once again, we see Elsa using her freezing powers to run across a choppy ocean, only to be submerged in the water after a large wave crashes. But this time, Elsa encounters a mystical horse in flashes of lightning while underwater. She sees this horse again later in the trailer as it dances around her in a quick light display, but its significance is still unclear.

Interestingly enough, the only character who speaks in the trailer (aside from a quick line from Anna at the end) is the Troll King Grand Pabbie. He is the one who sets Elsa off on her journey to discover the truth about her powers, ominously warning her that the past is not what it seems. The trailer ends by introducing stone-like giants that Elsa faces on her journey, foreshadowing a lot more danger and adventure to come. Check out the new Frozen 2 trailer for yourself below:

Although the new trailer does not confirm anything about the overall plot of the new movie, it does bring back a notable part of the first trailer that caused a ton of fan speculation. In the new clip, Elsa creates an array of the fractals with strange symbols that appeared in the first trailer, and at the end of the new video, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven enter a mist-covered area that is marked by four stones featuring those mysterious symbols.

Those symbols had already gotten fans talking about the possibility of a four elements twist to the movie, which would mean Elsa is actually one of four characters with elemental powers. Another spin on this general theory is that the symbols may denote the four seasons rather than the four elements, with Elsa representing winter and three other characters embodying the seasons of spring, summer, and fall. This latter theory seems to be the stronger one at this point, since the first trailer showed a new character who seemed to have control over the autumnal leaves.

The new trailer also seems to be showing that elemental horses will be another major part of Elsa's journey to the truth, as well as those stone giants that appear at the end of the new video. Fans will just have to wait until the end of the year to get the full scope of Elsa's epic quest for themselves.

Frozen 2 will hit theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.