These Hidden Symbols In The 'Frozen 2' Poster & Trailer Mean Big Things For The Sequel


The epic first trailer for Frozen 2 may have actually revealed a lot more than fans noticed upon first watching it. Everyone is already scrambling to try to figure out who the two briefly shown new characters could possibly be, but another major clue about what the new sequel will be about flew under a lot of people's radar. Thankfully, Josh Gad pointed fans in the right direction by saying that viewers should look closely at the hidden symbols in the Frozen 2 poster and trailer. So what could these cryptic symbols mean? They are clearly important to the new movie, and fans already have some pretty convincing theories about them.

Frozen 2's first trailer definitely got fans pumped for the upcoming sequel, but it also gave rise to a ton of questions about what the follow-up film will be about. While 2013's Frozen mainly just took place in the kingdom of Arendelle and the surrounding area, the new movie looks like it was take Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven on a much wider journey through new and dangerous landscapes. But what is the meaning behind this epic quest? The answer to that may be hiding within plain sight in both the Frozen 2 poster and trailer.

After the trailer was released, Josh Gad, who voices Elsa's snowman sidekick Olaf, tweeted that fans should take a closer look at the movie's new poster for "a few surprises."

Since there really is not much else going on in the poster, it clearly seems like Josh Gad is pointing to the four unique symbols that appear in each corner of the snowflake. Those symbols also pop up in the trailer. About halfway through the newly released clip, Anna runs to a balcony and looks out over scores of these icy crystals, which each have one of these four symbols on them.


Fans were quick to throw out their ideas about what these symbols signify, and two theories arose as the most prominent. One is that the four symbols represent the four elements of water, fire, earth, and air. These core elemental signs have been central to a ton of popular media, particularly within the realm of animation, so it feels a good bet. The other prominent theory is that the four symbols represent the four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Honestly, both of these theories kind of get at the same prediction for Frozen 2's plot: Elsa will discover that there are other people in the world with powers similar to hers. If the elemental theory is true, then Elsa has the power to control water and may be going on a journey to find other that can control fire, earth, or air, and if the seasonal theory is true, then Elsa embodies winter and is searching for the personifications of fall, summer, and spring.

Something important in the trailer that adds to these theories is a brief clip of two new characters. Fans are already theorizing that the new female character may be Anna and Kristoff's daughter or Elsa's rumored girlfriend, but what is more important to these symbols is the scene involves the other new character flying into the air alongside some leaves. Could this new character control wind in the same way that Elsa controls water... or possibly embody the season of fall in the way that Elsa embodies winter?

We will find out the truth when Frozen 2 hits theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.