This 'Frozen 2' Theory About A New Character Will Thaw Your Cold, Frozen Heart


Long ago, when Disney made a hit movie, that was it. There was no Snow White 2, no Sleeping Beauty: Snooze On. The Little Mermaid lived happily ever after, and anyone who wanted to think otherwise was directed to the straight-to-video section at Blockbuster. But the 21st Century is a different place. Even Mary Poppins gets to return. Frozen will be the first Disney princess film to get a big screen sequel, and this Frozen 2 theory suggests fans are all over it.

To be clear, Frozen wasn't just a hit. It was a phenomenon. The last Disney animation film to reach anything close to Frozen's box office heights was The Lion King in 1994, and before that, Beauty & The Beast in 1991. Frozen was so big it turned the pink aisles of the Disney's princess section blue for more than two years.

In this day and age, this means there was no way there wouldn't be a sequel. But what exactly is there left to tell in a story loosely (very loosely) based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen?

The new trailer doesn't have an answer, but there are clues embedded in the visuals suggesting the film's new direction.

The biggest one being a pair of brand new characters who appear in the clip. Take a quick roll in the leaves with me around the 1:24 mark. The character may look a little like a young Anna, and her beau like a young Kristoff. But it's not them. It's a new young lady and a poor sucker who looks like he was just ejected out of a pile of leaves.

Now, in my experience, one usually falls into the pile of leaves. One doesn't often get spat out by them. Is the film introducing an autumn-based princess to Queen Elsa's lands?

A seasonal threat would also explain why Elsa is looking out over her kingdom and frowning. It's not winter anymore. The snow has melted. Perhaps there's even been a threatening mantra taken up by a royal family to the North: "Autumn Is Coming."

Fans have gone nuts on Twitter at the idea that Elsa is being threatened by an apocalyptic scenario, one where a new ruler is in town and she likes to make the leaves fall down.

The possibilities this opens up for Frozen 3 and Frozen 4 cannot be dismissed lightly. Disney may have finally taken the step to do a sequel for an official Disney princess animation, but why stop there? Frozen was a box office monster, with legs lasting literal years for Disney in a way no one had seen since the early 1990s. Is there any reason to doubt Frozen 2 won't do the same, necessitating a Frozen 3? Why not set up a queen for every season? Call it The Four Seasons Quartet. The box set will sell like hotcakes.

Frozen 2 arrives in theaters on Friday, Nov. 22, 2019. Parents, please schedule sitters for the younger siblings accordingly.