Mayochup Will Be Sold In The United States & You'll Never Guess Its In-Store Name


Like saying "tom-ay-to" or "tom-ah-to," I'm sure you feel some type of way about the name of Heinz's newest creation, Mayochup. You either love it, or you hate it. But after hearing that some people actually hated the name "Mayochup," Heinz gave U.S. fans the opportunity to express what they thought it should be called. Then, the company put all of the potential names on their website, allowing for those people to order their favorite one. But it turns out that the name for Mayochup in U.S. stores was decided, and you'll be surprised.

If you log onto Heinz's website, you'll see 96 varieties of Mayochup with different names ranging from "Fancy Sauce" to "The Sauce Is The Boss." Each of these special bottles will be available to order online in 2018, according to the Heinz website. The name of the ketchup-mayo hybrid, however, will not come in 96 different names on store shelves. In stores, you'll only find the condiment labeled with its original name, "Mayochup." If you want any of the new names on your pantry shelf, you'll have to specially order them via the Heinz website. For all of you fellow condiment fans that just weren't feeling the name "Mayochup," I am so, so sorry. My utmost condolences go out to each and every one of you.

I know you're probably a little confused RN, and honestly, so am I. Was Heinz just playing with our hearts the entire time? Were they ever seriously considering changing the name? It's a little hard for me to believe that Heinz Mayochup won't actually be labeled as "Heinz Yum Yum Sauce," or "Heinz Pink Sauceeeee," but I guess it's just the harsh reality that all anti-Mayochuppers will have to face. This is honestly way too much for me to handle this early in the morning. I need some coffee... or maybe french fries. And with that, maybe a side of some Fancy Sauce. Oh wait, it's just "Mayochup" now, I guess. #NotMySauce.

If you decide to go against the grain and order one of the specially named bottles of Mayochup, simply pick your favorite on Heinz's website, and click on it. Then, request to know when the product will be available. So basically, you can still make this condiment "your own" by picking whichever name you'd like for the bottle. You really don't have to give in and buy "Mayochup." There are so many different name options, and there's surely one that'll float your boat. Go ahead, "Heinz Mayup, Definitely Mayup" lovers, and "Heinz Saucy McSauce Face" fans. Pick your poison.


If you've gotten this far and you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, you're probably wondering what Mayochup is. And I'll be honest, it's exactly what it sounds like — a pre-made blend of both ketchup and mayo. Pretty simple, right? At the moment, Heinz's version is only available in the Middle Eastern Gulf States, but when word of its existence spread, America begged for it to cross the pond. This lead to the condiment company conducting a Twitter poll on April 11 to see if Mayochup would flourish on U.S. grounds, and the goal was to get at least 500,000 "yes" votes in order to get the sauce approved. Well, they did, because on April 16, the condiment giant announced that Mayochup would be sold in the United States later in 2018. So that's pretty awesome news.

Since Heinz isn't actually changing the name "Mayochup" in stores, us condiment lovers can all go back to our "Heinz Ketch-May Outside"-less lives. It's going to be called "Mayochup" forever, and that's just a fact of life now. Oh well. We tried, you know? And regardless, I'll be able to spread it all over everything very soon. My sammies are eagerly waiting.