7 People Share The Most Unexpected Part Of Their Wedding & You'll Scream

by Ginny Hogan
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Did your wedding come with a shock? With all the moving parts that have to fit into place, it's hard to believe a wedding ever wouldn't have a huge surprise in it. I mean, if a child can successfully carry a ring on a pillow down an aisle, that's unexpected enough for me. You might be wondering what's the most unexpected part of weddings, so I asked seven people to share their stories with me. Surprises can be anywhere, from the guest list to the DJ to the venue, and there's no shortage of fantastic wedding stories.

The best wedding I ever went to included the bride and groom singing their vows to each other. I thought it was so beautiful, and it was certainly unexpected. Moments that make a wedding unique are also the moments that make it special — these two people love each other, and they gave the wedding their own creative take. Even if the unexpected moments aren't planned, it still reflects how every romance takes its own twists and turns. In fact, in my opinion, there's nothing more exciting than a wedding that doesn't go according to plan (although a wedding planner might feel differently).

Read on to find seven stories of the most unexpected part of different people's weddings.

Most shocking thing? I can’t decide if it’s the guy who showed up at the church in his underwear or the fact that the dressmaker some how melted my wife’s plastic zipper, and she had to be sewn into her gown.

— Dan, 62

Ads Gone Too Far
The wedding march music was played off of the Youtube app, and a commercial for PrEP/AIDS prevention came on.

— Edward, 26

The Name Game
Addictive Creatives/Stocksy
The DJ played the deep-house version of my wife's procession song, so there was suddenly a BOM BOM BOM in the room. He stayed consistent when he introduced me later by called me 'Greg.' Ha! My name is Geoff.

— Geoff, 28

More Underwear
At my wedding, I looked over to the dance floor at one point late in the evening and noticed that one of my husband's friends was stripped down to his underwear and dancing like a maniac.

— Em, 40

DJ Disappeared
I barely ate all day. I didn't notice I was hungry. I was too busy being blown away by the ceremony, laughing with my friends, and freaking out because our karaoke DJ was an hour late.

— C.J. 34

Too Tired For You-Know-What
Nate & Amanda Howard/Stocksy
Could not believe how exhausted we were by the end of the day — too exhausted, even for the fun part after you get home.

— Ursula, 37

Hurricane Marriage
The two hurricanes twice. Day of, Hurricane Ivan. Then we went to Ft. Lauderdale for the Honeymoon, and Ivan spun back down to Florida and hit us there. Then we had Hurricane Irene in Ft. Lauderdale and were evacuated to a shelter. She followed us home to Boston.

— Katie, 46

Weddings definitely don't always go as planned! Now I understand why they make so many reality TV shows about weddings — there's too much material to work with! If your wedding also had some unplanned elements, you're not alone, and you might relate to these stories. And, either way, enjoy! What's the point of unexpected events if you can't laugh about them later?

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