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A Wedding Planner Reveals The Most Stressful Part Of Wedding Planning

by Korey Lane
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If Instagram is to be believed, getting married is all champagne and roses. The people saying "I do" stare lovingly into each other's eyes as their favorite song plays in the background; they smush cake into each other's faces for the perfect picture. But what you don't see is all the planning that goes into curating these loving moments, and the people behind them. It can be a super complex and emotional job, but when it comes to the most stressful part of wedding planning, one real-life planner says it's all about the logistics.

"In my opinion, the most stressful parts of the wedding are the guest list and the budget," founder of Jacin Fitzgerald Events, Jacin Fitzgerald, tells Elite Daily. "The two go hand-in-hand. The higher the guest list, the higher the cost. This initial phase of planning is often the most stressful, because it's the biggest hurdle you have to jump before you can fully dive into planning," Fitzgerald explains. Understandably, deciding who you'll invite and how much money you can spend doesn't sound all that exciting, and Fitzgerald says it's stressful because you might not be able to include everyone you'd like. "You are trying to please a lot of people — those funding the festivities, in-laws..." she says. Just remember that it's your day, and even though the logistics can be stressful, they aren't the most important part.


In general, Fitzgerald explains that wedding planning requires flexibility, and if you can realize that, the process can be a lot less stressful. "Your entire wedding planning experience is going to depend on your outlook, and how you react to certain situations," she says. "Try to dive into your planning with an open mind, knowing you are going to have a lot of opinions coming your way throughout the process, and some hard decisions as well. Weddings bring out so many unexpected emotions — be open to the process and the entire experience will be a lot more enjoyable (for you and your partner!)."

Additionally, Fitzgerald explains that there are a few other logistics that tend to "get" to couples. "Besides the decor, song choices, and vendor selections, the next hurdle (one I joke with my clients I cannot help with unless they want me to pull names out of a hat) is your seating chart," she says. "Figuring out how to split your guests into tables that logistically can only fit so many people can be a stressful thing." However, a seating chart isn't the end-all, be-all of your wedding, and Fitzgerald also says that most people won't be in their seats for long. "But keep in mind — it's just dinner!" she says. "People will talk to those next to them if they're at a round [table], and those across and next to them if they're at a long [table]. Once the DJ or band comes on with everyone's favorite song? It's party time, and they're all together again on the dance floor. Take a little pressure off yourself and keep this in mind!"

At the end of the day, remember that your wedding is just that: your wedding! You and your future spouse deserve to be happy and have a good time, so keep in mind that the stress of wedding planning will pass. "Communication is key throughout the planning, and as you ease into married life!" Fitzgerald says. "Open that dialogue now to talk through the stressful parts, and you'll come out of the process stronger together." Stick together, and the big day will be one of the happiest of your life.

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