Grooms-To-Be Admit Why They're More Into Wedding Planning Than Their Fiancée

Wedding planning is not for everyone.

Some people are wildly passionate about making sure their wedding looks Pinterest-worthy, while others could literally care less about what their celebration looks like.

For some couples, it's the groom-to-be who takes the front seat in the wedding planning, while the bride-to-be rolls her eyes over the decision of whether to hire a band or a DJ. Some dudes had no choice but take control, while others actually enjoyed it!

Here, seven guys share their wedding planning experiences.

1. I'm more organized.

When we started planning, my fiancée was all over the place. She'd have wedding to-do lists written on napkins or on her phone. It was stressing me out how nobody knew what was going on, and when we needed to find a vendor contract, it took hours. I'm a type-A person when it comes to be organized, so I told her to take a backseat, and let me drive this wedding planning process. I became the one that picked out the decorations and booked the vendors, only asking for her approval once things were in a color coded spreadsheet. I don't think this was ideal for her, but it is the only way the wedding could have been planned.

— Thomas D., 32

2. I wanted to control the spending.

I knew the only way we could have a wedding that didn't cost over $100,000 was if I pretended to enjoy wedding planning and be the person making the decisions. We had to pay for the wedding ourselves (no help from parents), so I wanted to keep it under $50K. My fiancée has expensive taste, so I had to find cheap options for her that looked expensive. I was able to stick to our budget and found a new passion of mine — wedding planning on a budget. — Wu J., 29

3. I secretly loved that kind of stuff.

Don't judge, but I love planning parties. I was a club promoter in college and was always planning the parties for my frat. It's fun for me. My fiancée was weirded out at first about how I wanted to pick out flowers and tablecloths more than she did, but I think in the end, she was happy she didn't have to do the planning alone.

— Andy C., 27

4. I didn't want to elope.

My finance sat me down and told me she wanted to elope. She was planning the wedding all on her own, and I wasn't much help. I have a big family and a ton of friends from school and my job. I wanted to have a big celebration where everyone was there. I told her than and she said, "Okay fine, you plan it." I didn't enjoy planning our wedding from start to finish, but I didn't want to elope. So it was what I had to do to get the wedding of my dreams. I sound like such a girl.

— Brett P., 31

5. I got hooked on planning.

I blame it on the food tasting we did at our venue. After that process of choosing the menu for the reception, I thought wedding planning seemed fun. I volunteered to do more tasks with my fiancée. Before I knew it, I was seeing the florist once a week and calling the DJ once a month. I got hooked on making sure this day was as cool as possible and had some of my own personal touches in it too.

— Gregg D., 29

6. It wasn't my first wedding.

"I was secretly engaged once before, but my fiancée didn't know that. With my first engagement, the girl made me plan the whole wedding with her. I literally had to hold her hand through every decision, and it wasn't fun at all. So the second time around, I pulled up the spreadsheet from my first wedding and basically booked all the same vendors. My fiancée had no idea why I was so into wedding planning and knew all these vendors. I don't want her to ever find out about fiancée number one."

— Sam P., 33

7. It was just fun.

"I honestly think more guys would enjoy planning their wedding if they ditched the stigma that it's a woman's job to do. Whatever. It was fun, and I'm glad I was so involved. It made for a better wedding experience overall."

– Paul R., 29

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