4 Reasons A Big Wedding Is Right For You, According To A Wedding Planner

Regardless of your romantic status, it's natural to daydream about your wedding guest list. Of course, if you're newly engaged and planning your wedding is beginning to seem like yet another unpaid internship you're working full-time at — choosing the right size for your wedding isn't always easy. When it comes to tying the knot, you get to do what feels right for you. And if you're stumped wondering," "should I have a big wedding?" It's important to remember that there's no one right way to have your wedding — whatever size it turns out to be.

"You have loads of options in how you craft your day," Owner and Lead Planner, of Hummingbird Bridal and Events, Mandy Connor, tells Elite Daily. "You can host a very intimate ceremony and then you can open up the reception to the larger group. Or you may decide to keep things intimate across the board with a ceremony and later, you can host a brunch or cocktail reception for the larger group."

Of course, if you want your day to be big across the board, that works too. Here are four reasons why going big on your special day could be right for you.

You've Got the Budget For It
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Although wedding planning can mean cake tastings, running around home furnishing stores with the laser guns making your registry, and of course, finding the perfect outfit — before the fun begins, you may want to crunch your numbers. "Before you plan anything at all, set your budget and then set your guest count," Connor says. "These two elements have to align cohesively and these two elements will set the stage for every decision that takes place after."

If you're balling on a budget, a smaller guest list can loosen some funds for the band or cocktail bar of your dreams. Of course, if you've got the means, making your big day literally big may be right for you. "If you have a large budget and you have the time to put into creating an amazing weekend for your guests, then by all means a big wedding over the course of a full weekend can create amazing memories for years to come," Connor says.

Your Guest List Is Popping
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If having the right amount of people at your wedding is a main priority, Connor shares the importance of remembering the quality of your event, not just the quantity. "You have to be responsible and realistic with yourself when you are planning a big wedding," Connor says. "Be realistic about the quality of wedding that you want to host versus your overall budget."

Of course, your wedding is about you and your partner. It's literally one of the only times you get to hand select everyone that will be in attendance at an event. And if you think you want to share your special day with hundreds of other people — a big wedding may be right for you. If your whole family has to come or if your wedding just wouldn't be right without your entire pack of friends, having a big guest list may mean a big wedding is inevitable. But if the invitations are making you a little stressed, Connor affirms the best way to frame a budget is around your guests."The number one factor that you have control over regarding how your budget will shake out is your guest list," Connor says.

You Want Some Literal Space
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A big wedding doesn't mean an extra formal, extra rowdy, or even extra lively night. If you're thinking you want to go big on your wedding day, there are millions of more mellow ways to do it. "We have hosted a number of laid-back daytime weddings for couples who want a big wedding but who also want to spend some quieter time with guests," Connor says.

If your family is kid-heavy, or if you want a perfect outdoor reception, a big wedding can providing your guests with literal space to dance around or mingle. They can even be the perfect mix of comfort and casual while still classy and #insta worthy.

You Don't Want Traditional
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If your wedding is an alcohol-free affair or if sit-down dinner and dancing is not your thing, a big wedding may be the perfect way to mix it up. "Next year we are hosting a daytime cocktail party-style wedding for 200 guests in which we will have a number of delicious and high-end food stations, small, hand-crafted cocktails and beautifully personalized wedding elements but we are forgoing the traditional drunken dance party," Connor says.

From walking around food stations to really giving your guest a chance to take in the personalized elements — like hand-carved name plates or dog shaped ice sculptures — a big wedding doesn't need to mean a rowdy party in a hotel function hall (although that sounds amazing too). Big weddings can be the perfect canvas for your and your partner to celebrate your love in the way that feels right for you.

If you're on the fence about having a big wedding, the first thing to do may be to solidify your budget. Although money may be the least fun aspect of wedding planning, knowing what's realistic for your and your boo can save you from stressing when the final bill comes in. Whether you have a big family, you like to be the life of the party, or you're looking for a less conventional way to celebrate your love, there are many reasons you should said "I do" to a big wedding.